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[Latest in 2023] I want to greedy for exquisite gourmet food, superb views, and healing!Introducing a spot where you can fully enjoy Minamioguni Town on a day trip during the driving season🚗💨

This is the SMOMO editorial department.

Before we knew it, the cherry blossoms had fallen, and the mountains of Aso, which had been burned open, were turning green.I feel the sprouts!Feeling alive!
Aso is the perfect season to go out!This time, we will introduce you to the great spots in Minamioguni Town where you can see the superb view, eat, and be healed!

■ Delicious! Fashionable! shine! Authentic Italian Restaurant PIZZERIA TRE PASSO (Pizzeria Torre Passo)

This year marks the 10th year since the store opened.It is an Italian restaurant with good taste and scenery, which is already becoming a standard spot in Minamioguni Town 🍕
What is good about the shops here, everything is girls' "Kawaii sensor" You will be hanging on.

Among the restaurants in Minamioguni Town, there are very few shops that mainly deal with pizza 🍕 and pasta 🍝, so please go there.suchpizzeria trepassoIntroducing the charm of!

A lovely shop perched on a hill.If the weather is fine, just this "Shine" is not it.

The spacious interior is clean and has an atmosphere that makes you want to take it easy.

By the way, we recommend the terrace seat when the weather is nice. The meal while looking at the scenery is the best!

Pizza is baked carefully in a full-fledged pizza kiln.

★ Margherita Extra
It's a classic pizza.I have to eat this.Eating response is also ◎!A very popular dish that uses water buffalo mozzarella.

★ Quattro Formage
A lot of cheese is irresistible! The freshly made ice cheese becomes addictive!

There is also a limited-time menu, so it is one of the pleasures to try the once-in-a-lifetime delicacies!

In addition, this Pizzeria Trepasso is an Italian restaurant centered on Neapolitan pizza, run by three brothers.
Not to mention delicious dishes, of course, these three brothersEveryone handsomeAnd also rumors ...
Superb view x Italian x Handsome is the winning formula.Why don't you visit it?

↑The charm of Trepasso is also introduced in the video!Please take a look ♪↑

«Basic information»
■ Address: Minamioguni-machi, Aso County Minshūji Temple 7910-1
■ Contact address: 0967-42-1313
■Business hours: 11:3 a.m. - last order: XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.
■ Closed holiday: Wednesday
*Advance reservation is not possible.

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