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[Spring 2023 edition] If you're having trouble choosing a souvenir, go to Kiyora Kaasa!Introducing 10 souvenirs to buy in Aso Minamioguni

Hello! This is the SMOMO editorial department.
In Minamioguni Town in April, the severe coldness has eased, and it has become a pleasant season in the height of spring.

For those who came to Minamioguni Town on such a day out
Bussankan Kiyora Kaasa Classic Souvenir BEST 10Introducing 👏

The staff of Kiyora Kaasa carefully selects from the attractive product lineup!
Please use this as a reference when choosing souvenirs for your family and gifts for loved ones.

●What is Kiyora Kaasa?
Located along the national highway, it is a product center where locals and tourists can easily drop by.
You can meet various "delicious" such as local fresh vegetables picked in the morning and classic Kumamoto souvenirs.
▼Click here for details of Kiyora Kaasa

Carefully selected by Kiyora Kaasa staff! ︎ BEST 10 Recommended Souvenirs for Spring

10th place: “Akaushi Kiyora Burger” made with plenty of Kumamoto specialties

It is a full-fledged "hamburger" using "Aka beef" raised in Kumamoto and "Log Shiitake mushrooms" from Minamioguni Town.This product is based on the concept of food education, and contains well-balanced nutrients from meat and vegetables.Health-conscious people and small children who are not good at shiitake mushrooms can enjoy it deliciously.

After defrosting, just soak in hot water for about 10 minutes!Easy to cook.
When you go out for a picnic, it's a good idea to put it in your lunch box🍱

No. 9 Gluten-Free “Rice Flour Pancake Mix”

It is a body-friendly "pancake mix" made only with glutinous rice flour from Minamioguni Town🥞
Since it does not use wheat flour, people with allergies can enjoy it without worry.

Pancakes with a smooth texture are perfect for snack time ♪
You can arrange not only pancakes but also waffles 🧇✨

No. 8 Contents are fun after meeting “Ecran (assorted baked confectionery)”

It is a "baked confectionery set" packed with popular products from the popular cafe "Cafe Ciel" in Minamioguni Town.
Depending on the season, you can enjoy various kinds of sweets😋✨

Western confectionery that follows the traditional French manufacturing method is stylishly packaged and is recommended as a gift.
* The type and number of packs may vary depending on the season.
*Cafe Ciel store is currently closed

7th place Easy and easy ♪ “Kiyora soup monaka”

This is the "Soup Monaka", a set of two types: "Japanese style" with dashi granules and "Western style" with consommé.We are particular about ingredients from Minamioguni Town, and we use glutinous rice flour in the middle🌾

Dissolve in hot water for 10 seconds!Authentic soup is easily completed!
It is small and easy to carry, so it is recommended for camping etc.

6th place repeater series!“Taste calendar” that continues to be loved

It is a versatile seasoning "Ajigoyomi" that has been loved by the townspeople of Minamioguni for many years and is familiar as an accompaniment to the dining table.
As a substitute for soy sauce, it goes well with simmered dishes, sashimi, egg-cooked rice, and more😆!

The word of mouth of repeat customers spreads in an instant, and we often receive inquiries asking for a taste calendar.
Soy sauce is an indispensable seasoning at the dining table, so it is also recommended for new life from spring.

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