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[Video introduction] You can see most of Minamioguni by watching this! ?Rediscover the charm of Minamioguni with the local YouTube program "Kaji x Max Nansan Yokabai!"!

Hello everyone!
This is the SMOMO editorial department.

A program that tells about the attractive people x things x things in Minamioguni, which has been distributed on YouTube for about 3 years."Kaji x Max's Nansan Yokabai!".Is this famous program a happy finale?🎉

This time, we will look back on the history of Kajimax and introduce the highlights of each video!
I want to know more about Minamioguni Town!If you are interested, please take a look at the video 👀✨

① Speaking of sightseeing spots in Minamioguni Town! ?How to enjoy Minamioguni taught by locals
(XNUMX) Exploring the tastes of Kaji x Max.Enjoy exquisite gourmet food😋
③ Learn about agriculture in Minamioguni 🍚🍅 Local specialties were made like this 🍆🍠
④ Minamioguni is the hometown of the heart!Kajimax fell in love with the warmth of the locals!
⑤Experience the nature of Aso!Outdoor series 🏕️

① Speaking of sightseeing spots in Minamioguni Town! ?How to enjoy Minamioguni taught by locals

In the Kajimax channel, the town'sTourismWe have introduced the standard sightseeing spots and unknown spots from the locals' point of view!

First of all, Oshito stone hill!It is one of the best spots in Minamioguni where you can feel the powerful nature and the romance of ancient mysteries! BBQ and camping can also be done, so Kaji Max has a lot of fun ♪

In the Mazeno Valley, which is open to the public in spring and autumn, it is extremely cold, but it was unreasonable at that time 👀

And the standard Kurokawa Onsen too!We introduced a course where you can fully enjoy everything from hot springs to gourmet food using the famous "Nyuyu Tegata" ~~♨

New classic activity E-BIKE tour around the town 🚲💨Shin · Scenic spot Kohagiyama grassland terrace, Meotodaki, and a cafe where the owner's personality is too nice, etc. Recommended spots in the town are packed!

(XNUMX) Exploring the tastes of Kaji x Max.Enjoy exquisite gourmet food😋

Speaking of Kaji Max, food.Speaking of food, it's Kaji Max.3 years of rushing with food.Two people who have a passion for food encountered various delicious foods in the town.

First of all, Pizzeria Trepasso with excellent Italian x handsome x scenic view.
Enjoy authentic Neapolitan pizza made by three handsome brothers!He also talked about his dream of becoming the No. 3 shop in Kumamoto!

Everyone at Kobo Nanashiro uses old-fashioned wisdom to make home-grown produce delicious.Enjoy the “exquisite pickles” that express the four seasons of Aso and the seasonal limited “chestnut simmered in astringent skin”🌰✨
And I experienced making miso that can reproduce the taste of satoyama!That big eater?Satisfy your appetite with a variety of exquisite dishes that will make Kaji-chan full!

I visited "Sotarouan" in the Oda area in Minamioguni-machi, which is also a soba restaurant, and had a special soba-making experience!I had a delicious freshly made soba😋

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SMOMO editorial department

SMOMO editorial department We will tell you various information centering on Aso and Minamioguni Town!

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