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[Limited to 2022 / 5-9 / 6 in 30] Monopolize the Mazeno Valley! Limited charter plan for 1 group per day

Due to the popularity of the last time, you can "charter" the Mazeno Gorge with a superb view even in early summer. The Mazeno Gorge is open to the public twice a year (GW and autumn leaves season), but this time as well, with special permission, a private space only for customers Can be reserved as!Walking area […]

Easy sightseeing with E-BIKE (electric bicycle)!Minamioguni Town Rental Cycle

I started renting a bicycle! Why don't you enjoy a scenic satoyama tour on an E-BIKE (electric bicycle)?There are many attractions that you will notice because it is a bicycle, such as a thatched-roof bus stop, a potato car, and an unmanned vegetable sales office.There are many slopes in the town, but electricity […]

Recommended for the first camp. Rental of camping equipment set (same price for up to XNUMX people)

Minamioguni Town has abundant campsites. We have started equipment rental so that you can enjoy camping easily. Please enjoy the time that flows slowly in the great outdoors.

Monopolize the superb view of Aso! Drone operation experience that even beginners can enjoy

Why don't you fly a drone and take an aerial view of the photogenic Aso?There is no doubt that it will look great on Instagram!The staff will carefully lecture on how to operate, so even beginners can enjoy it with confidence.Also, the drone's camera image […]