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Items that make hot springs and travel more enjoyable!Introducing the hot spring coordination shop “Yutabaya Kurokawado”

When you go on a trip, you always want a "souvenir".Souvenirs don't just mean anything, but I want something with a local feel!I think there are many people who say.Therefore, this time, a very rare souvenir shop with only 3 stores in Japan […]

A long way to complete Kurokawa Onsen bathing bills...? Vol.4_ Ryokan Yumotoso

Aiming to completely conquer Kurokawa Onsen bathing bills! "Ryokan Yumotoso" A midsummer night in Minamioguni town is very cool.It would be a shame not to go out on a night like this.Summer is night. . by Mr. Sei Shonagon.Please enjoy the summer nights in the peculiar Minamioguni town! XNUMX Yume Yumoto […]

[Saved version] Enjoy local gourmet food, seasonal vegetables, and even a superb view!Summary of Kumamoto Aso Area Roadside Stations and Product Centers

"Michi-no-Eki", which has gained popularity as a tourist facility with various tastes, can be enjoyed at any time, such as local gourmet and seasonal vegetables 🚗✨ Introducing roadside stations and product halls in the Aso area with good access from Minamioguni-machi!Summer or […]

A new famous place in Kumamoto!A trip around the “One Piece Statue”, a symbol of creative revival 🚗Introducing access and highlights

Seven years have passed since the Kumamoto earthquake, and although we can still feel the scars of the disaster here and there, I believe that the creative reconstruction advocated by Kumamoto Prefecture is steadily progressing.Among them, the most famous one is the “Kumamoto Reconstruction […]

Exquisite local sweets!Freshly squeezed “Imo Nburan” has many repeat customers! ?Introducing "Asoful Kitchen", a cafe in Aso and Oguni Town

Hello! This is the SMOMO editorial department!This time, we will introduce the cafe "Asoful kitchen" which opened next to "Michi no Eki Oguni Yuu Station". 📍Topic ●1.Asoful kitchen […]

[NEW OPEN] NEW spot in Minamioguni Town!Introducing Cafe Take no Kuma, where you can forget the flow of time and feel the beauty of Satoyama

This is the SMOMO editorial department.This time, I would like to introduce “Cafe Take no Kuma”, which opened on May 2023, 5 in Akababa, Minamioguni-cho, “Take no Kuma” area.I have fully experienced the healing space that nature and beautiful architecture bring […]

[Video introduction] You can see most of Minamioguni by watching this! ?Rediscover the charm of Minamioguni with the local YouTube program "Kaji x Max Nansan Yokabai!"!

hello everyone! This is the SMOMO editorial department.A program that has been distributed on YouTube for about 3 years, "Kaji x Max's Nansan Yokabai!"Is this famous program a happy finale?of […]

[NEW OPEN] Take a break from driving ☕Introducing “Kumo no Ue CAFE”, which is attached to this rest house in Aso and Minami Ogunise

When considering a trip to Kumamoto/Oita, one thing you will almost certainly see is the Yamanami Highway.This "Yamanami Highway" is a 50-kilometer road that connects Aso and Oita, and has been selected as one of the XNUMX best roads in Japan.

[Reservations accepted on October 5st! ] [Can be used in combination with various systems] Save 10 yen!Notice of Minamioguni Town "Sightseeing" Gift Certificate (* Available period is from October 4000, 2023 to January 5, 15)

The stores that can be used are different from the conventional tourist gift certificates.We would appreciate it if you could make a reservation for your purchase by checking the available stores.Click here for the gift certificate reservation page […]

[Latest in 2023] Fresh vegetables, exquisite soft serve ice cream, and local souvenirs!Introducing "General Product Center Kiyora Kaasa" in Aso / Minamioguni Town!

Hello! This is the SMOMO editorial department.This time, I would like to introduce the comprehensive product center "Comprehensive Product Center Kiyora Kaasa", which is also a roadside station in Minamioguni Town! 🔎 What is “Kiyora”? What is "kaasa"?What do you mean? “Kiyora” means “beautiful and beautiful”.

[Spring 2023 edition] If you're having trouble choosing a souvenir, go to Kiyora Kaasa!Introducing 10 souvenirs to buy in Aso Minamioguni

Hello! This is the SMOMO editorial department. In Minamioguni Town in April, the severe coldness has eased, and it has become a pleasant season in the height of spring.For those who came to Minamioguni-machi on such a perfect day for going out, the standard souvenir BEST 4 of the product hall Kiyora Kaasa […]

[Latest in 2023] I want to greedy for exquisite gourmet food, superb views, and healing!Introducing a spot where you can fully enjoy Minamioguni Town on a day trip during the driving season🚗💨

Hello. This is the SMOMO editorial department.Before we knew it, the cherry blossoms had fallen, and the mountains of Aso, which had been burned open, were turning green.I feel the sprouts!Feeling alive!Aso is the perfect season to go out!This time, I would like to introduce you to Minamioguni, where you can see the superb view, eat, and be healed […]

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