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To a cool water source in the hot summer! We also introduce the surrounding aisaki beef lunch spot together. 5 famous water spots in the Aso area.

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.Unknowingly July.It's almost time for the summer production.In the Aso area where I live, summer is the overall "dark" season with a blue sky and a landscape of dark green meadows.And for some reason, corn […]

Aso gourmet can also eat delicious red beef dishes that are indispensable! Introduction of the sister shop "Warokuya" of Kurokawa Onsen Long-established Ryokan.

Hello!I have unleashed a mysterious Y pose at Oshitoishi no Oka.Don't say the pose is old.Kurokawa Onsen is very popular and attracts many people from all over the country and from overseas.The beginning of such Kurokawa Onsen is in the middle of the Edo period.That Edo […]

I want to eat delicious things without concern for weight! Can you make such a wish? ! I went to a healthy restaurant 'Hanji Tang'.

Suddenly, I would like to say hello here!Nice to meet you! I have been an intern at SMO Minamioguni since February.Although it is a short period from now until the end of March, I am thinking of drawing out a lot of unknown charms of Minamioguni […]

Winter gourmet complete guide of Aso / Minamikogoku! Cospa From the most powerful lunch to reward lunch, introduce local cuisine and sweets at once!

Hello!Kaji-chan is an occupational disease who always takes pictures of food even in private!Cold days continue every day, but even on holidays, I'm messing around with kotatsu ... What a holiday? !!Humans were to eat delicious food […]

【Nationwide deployment support project】 Summary of special products under development in Minamioguni-machi

Hello!This is Kaji-chan!Suddenly, it's a riddle.When I travel, I don't have a trip, but I do have a return.··· That's right!It's a souvenir! !! !!Lol I don't know if this can be called a mystery, but it's all […]

[Winter gourmet fourth edition] Recommended for Christmas date. Those who want to stick to the atmosphere and taste must-see! 3 fashionable cafe in South County.

Hello!It's been a long time since I've been a Kaji-chan with an apple top and a feeling of a country girl.Christmas is coming soon.It's an event that I'm not familiar with, but ... Christmas Eve is closed on public holidays this year!Moreover, it is a wonderful three consecutive holidays including Saturday and Sunday […]

[Winter gourmet second bullet] A little luxury reward lunch. You can eat both beef and duck! The strongest soba taste in the name water treatment 3 choices.

Hello!It is a puffer fish.I'm sorry, Kaji-chan.The second winter gourmet will be introduced with a spotlight on "soba"!In fact, there are XNUMX stores specializing in soba in Minamioguni! !! !!The water is very delicious […]

【Roadside】 Arrive at Fukuoka! 2 nights 3 days to enjoy the hot springs, gourmet and exquisite views of Kumamoto Aso. If you go here, there is no doubt! Introduction of no course course.

Hello!Autumn of appetite is coming!It's an all-season appetite season, but Kaji-chan loves autumn food and has a high level of tension.Finally September! !! It's a special month with three consecutive holidays twice. \ (^^) / I'm wondering where to go, something [...]

A must-see for cafe! Cafe No. X NUMX I want you to take on a date! Founder of Aso / Minamikosoku Introduction of long-established cafe "Apple Tree" of 1 year.

Hello!I love black coffee, but when I drink it in the morning, I get hungry and I'm a little delicate Kaji-chan.I really like girls, right? Cafe.Without exception, the purpose of going out is to "go to a fashionable cafe". […]

Road drive course connecting Yufuin and Aso Yamanami Highway. Introduce the charm of "Sani Love House", the largest drive in which all souvenirs, gourmet and healing are prepared!

Hello!My car is Kaji-chan, who is a little flashy.When I go somewhere, I love to make detours to roadside stations and service areas! !! !!Because these facilities include souvenir shops, bakeries, food courts, and more […]

【Perfect preservation version】 Morinaga who loves Aka cow Recommend Aso / Minami-Oguni-machi shop where you can taste Aka beef dress 11 selection (updated as needed)

Hello together with the cattle. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.Do you like cows, everyone? ??I love you.Above all, I love red cows.My favorite red cow.We eat XNUMX to XNUMX kg of grass every day and walk XNUMX to XNUMX kg.Thanks to this, […] in the Aso area