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| Notice | Pesticide-free, non-caffeine safe and secure. Satisfied both heart and body "Brown rice coffee soft cream" is newly released!

Hello!Last summer, Kaji-chan had the slogan "XNUMX soft serve ice cream a day"!Soft serve ice cream melts, so I really think it has zero calories.I want to eat a lot this year as well.Now!Such soft serve […]

Aso gourmet can also eat delicious red beef dishes that are indispensable! Introduction of the sister shop "Warokuya" of Kurokawa Onsen Long-established Ryokan.

Hello!I have unleashed a mysterious Y pose at Oshitoishi no Oka.Don't say the pose is old.Kurokawa Onsen is very popular and attracts many people from all over the country and from overseas.The beginning of such Kurokawa Onsen is in the middle of the Edo period.That Edo […]

I often go to the hot water and walk around. We introduce exquisite sweets of Kurokawa Onsen! Recommended eating walk gourmet XNUM X selection

Hello!Heidi is riding on a giant swing!Kurokawa Onsen is a hot spring town that retains the old-fashioned cityscape.There are many things to see in this hot spring town where you can relax and enjoy your time.Not only hot springs, but also souvenir shops and meals […]

I want to eat delicious things without concern for weight! Can you make such a wish? ! I went to a healthy restaurant 'Hanji Tang'.

Suddenly, I would like to say hello here!Nice to meet you! I have been an intern at SMO Minamioguni since February.Although it is a short period from now until the end of March, I am thinking of drawing out a lot of unknown charms of Minamioguni […]

【Nationwide deployment support project】 Summary of special products under development in Minamioguni-machi

Hello!This is Kaji-chan!Suddenly, it's a riddle.When I travel, I don't have a trip, but I do have a return.··· That's right!It's a souvenir! !! !!Lol I don't know if this can be called a mystery, but it's all […]

"Please buy this absolutely!" Souvenir from Minami-kogun that is truly pleased to immigrate and only recommend 1 year!

Hello! My name is Mikarin, SMO Minamioguni.Choosing souvenirs is one of the pleasures of traveling, but there are many times when you don't know what to choose.In such a case, I will introduce the special products of Minamioguni that you can buy at Kiyora Casa, which you can definitely buy and return. […]

Soft cream I want to eat in hot summer! Introducing shops where you can eat soft cream! * 8 / 21 update

Hello! My name is Mikarin, SMO Minamioguni.Minamioguni seems to be cool in summer, but it is still hot during the daytime on a sunny day.On hot days, you'll want to eat cold food.When you think of Aso, many people think of jersey milk soft serve ice cream. […]

Kumamoto specialty horse sting! Eat in too! Introducing shops in Oguni Towns where you can buy horse stuff for souvenirs (* Updating from time to time)

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.Have you ever eaten Kumamoto horse meat? ??Probably the only meat that can be eaten raw, with plenty of collagen, horse sashimi, which is the meat of interest now.In Kumamoto, it has been popular as cherry meat for a long time.When I was small, […]

Road drive course connecting Yufuin and Aso Yamanami Highway. Introduce the charm of "Sani Love House", the largest drive in which all souvenirs, gourmet and healing are prepared!

Hello!My car is Kaji-chan, who is a little flashy.When I go somewhere, I love to make detours to roadside stations and service areas! !! !!Because these facilities include souvenir shops, bakeries, food courts, and more […]

Listen to Director Kiyasa Kaasa, a product museum in Minamikogiku! I can only buy it here! Popular local souvenirs Best 5!

Hello!Kaji-chan is still eating even if she becomes an Arasa!Whenever you go on a trip, you always buy "souvenirs"!Whether you feel like traveling or not!I just picked up a lot and when I came back, I said, "Why did you buy this? [...]

30 minutes by car from Aso! Recommended for day trips and girls trips! Something delicious little by little. Lunch broken in South Korean countries ♪

Hello! It is Nakaji-chan who doesn't feel like losing weight because he uses too much "diet is a scam from tomorrow".I always think.I wish there was no limit to my stomach. ..When I was traveling, I just thought, "I have to eat now !!", oh [...]