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[Minami Oguni Camp] Safe on rainy and snowy days! Enjoy camping, bungalows and private stays! Introduction of Yoshihara Gombe Village.

Hello! This is Kaji-chan, the editor-in-chief of SMO Minamioguni!The XNUMXth Minamioguni Camp is an introduction to "Yoshiharagonbeemura"!This campsite, which makes the best use of the terrain unique to Minamioguni, is full of such things and such things that other campsites do not have!Snow even on rainy days […]

[Carefully selected] No loss! Seven Aso sweets recommended by the editor-in-chief who grew up in Aso!

Hello. This is Kaji-chan, the editor-in-chief of SMO Minamioguni!Summer is over in no time, and autumn is coming, with a comfortable climate that is neither hot nor cold!Personally, this is my favorite season of the four seasons!And in September, there are two consecutive holidays […]

Golden week of 2019 year is 10 consecutive holidays! We introduce two major events to go in Minami-Okokuchi-cho GW!

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni. I'm 2019 years old.By the way, do you have any plans for Golden Week 10?This year is the year of the era name, so the days are lined up well, and XNUMX consecutive holidays!So, I'm already out […]

A female college student in Tokyo lives in Minami-Okokuchi. I do not want to separate from the charm of Minamioguni-cho that I can not know in 1 months and a half.

Hello!I was embarrassed and grinned when I was asked to take a picture of my usual writing.By the way, cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom in Minamioguni, and I feel the arrival of spring. People who have a new life or a new start from April are also excited season […]

BNK48 also came! Photogenic place in Aso area 19 selection.

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.Do you know BNK48? BNK48 (BNK Forty Eight) is a female idol group based in Bangkok, Thailand, and is one of the AKB48 groups. 201 […]

2018 / 12 / 15 / 2019 / 1 / 12 held! Frigid foot pass at Tateiwa water source!

Hello, this is seen Karin.Minamioguni Town is getting colder and colder!It hasn't snowed yet, so I haven't changed to studless tires, but it's cold every day. ..Today, we would like to introduce the footpath event to be held at Tateiwasuigen!Tateiwasuigen Foot […]

[Winter gourmet first bullet] This is a convenient lunch for travelers. Cospa best! Udon noodle 4 selections you can eat in Aso / Minamikikoku!

Hello!Where the scenery is nice, it's Kaji-chan with super high tension.Suddenly, what comes to your mind when you say "noodles"?I am "Donbei" of cup noodles.When I was a student, I had a low level of female power, so I asked Donbei-sama […]

[Limited for winter] Must-see must-have for hot people. Should go this winter! I want to taste it because it is winter at Aso / Minamikogoku.

Hello!Kaji-chan is full of energy every day! !!Why are you so fine?After all, "because I eat delicious food every day" ← This is the only one.The coming winter.As it gets colder, I don't want to get out of the kotatsu ... at home [...]

11 / 23 (Fri, Labor Thanksgiving Day) ~ 11 / 24 (Sunday) decision to hold! "Thanksgiving Village Thanksgiving Day"

Hello, this is seen Karin.It's getting really cold.It is time to mow the grasslands of Aso.By the way, do you know "Kusamari"?“Kusamari” means camping near the grassland (Saisochi) during the mowing period […]

"Please buy this absolutely!" Souvenir from Minami-kogun that is truly pleased to immigrate and only recommend 1 year!

Hello! My name is Mikarin, SMO Minamioguni.Choosing souvenirs is one of the pleasures of traveling, but there are many times when you don't know what to choose.In such a case, I will introduce the special products of Minamioguni that you can buy at Kiyora Casa, which you can definitely buy and return. […]

【Roadside】 Arrive at Fukuoka! 2 nights 3 days to enjoy the hot springs, gourmet and exquisite views of Kumamoto Aso. If you go here, there is no doubt! Introduction of no course course.

Hello!Autumn of appetite is coming!It's an all-season appetite season, but Kaji-chan loves autumn food and has a high level of tension.Finally September! !! It's a special month with three consecutive holidays twice. \ (^^) / I'm wondering where to go, something [...]

【2nd bullet】 Recommended realistic girls' trip. From Kumamoto to Oita · Beppu! Do not enter the hot springs? Cafe, superb view, experience! Introducing a recommended course of girls who are enjoying thoroughly.

Hello!Kaji-chan has basic food in her mouth when she is silent!I'm not good at staying still, so I basically go to various places on my days off!The other day, when a friend from Tokyo came, I enjoyed Minamioguni-Aso in half a day […]