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The popular soba restaurant in Aso and Minamioguni has been reopened!Introducing "Soba Kaido Kagoan" standing in the forest

Hello! This is the SMOMO editorial department ♪ This is Inohara!Minamioguni is getting hotter and hotter these days.I can't wait for the summer to come to an end (^^) By the way, this time the soba restaurant "Hanagoan" in Minamioguni-cho has renewed the store […]

To a cool water source in the hot summer! We also introduce the surrounding aisaki beef lunch spot together. 5 famous water spots in the Aso area.

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.Unknowingly July.It's almost time for the summer production.In the Aso area where I live, summer is the overall "dark" season with a blue sky and a landscape of dark green meadows.And for some reason, corn […]

Deciduous year is decided to be held from XNUM X Month X NUM X Day to X NUM X Month X NUM X Day! Summer Aso "cool" is decided by Kore! It is recommended for the source trekking in the unexplored ・ Maseno valley which can not usually be put!

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.Have you started planning your summer vacation? ??I used to work in travel-related work, but in reality, my summer vacation plans (accommodation reservations) tend to grow sharply from mid-June.Consider traveling […]

It is kind to the body! Blueberry picking experience at Aplugun and herb plantation

Hello. My name is Mikarin, SMO Minamioguni.It's hot every day.Minamioguni Town is a little cooler than Kumamoto City!Today, we would like to introduce "Blueberry Picking" which is recommended for summer holidays! At "Appurumin and Herb Farm", […]

Soft cream I want to eat in hot summer! Introducing shops where you can eat soft cream! * 8 / 21 update

Hello! My name is Mikarin, SMO Minamioguni.Minamioguni seems to be cool in summer, but it is still hot during the daytime on a sunny day.On hot days, you'll want to eat cold food.When you think of Aso, many people think of jersey milk soft serve ice cream. […]

Summer family trip to Aso! Recommended spots for the family in the Aso area 7 selection!

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.My favorite drink is tea.By the way, summer vacation is coming soon!I have to go play with my kids somewhere!I think there are many people who think that.Summer is a family trip, and family trip is summer!So now […]

Recommended for hot summer! Eat in Aso / Minamikikoku! Stamina gourmet feature overcoming the summer!

Hello!In the hot summer, Kaji-chan usually runs 3 meals a day to prevent heat fatigue. (Breakfast-> Brunch-> Lunch-> XNUMX o'clock snack-> Supper-> Night meal) It's about time to come, summer! !! !!When summer comes, I lose the heat and lose my appetite […]