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A long way to complete Kurokawa Onsen bathing bills...? Vol.1_Original Inn Hozantei

Nice to meet you, I'm Ann Rika, a member of the Minamioguni Tourism Association.Cold winter.I'm finally a hot spring lover!I am trying to visit the hot springs of Kurokawa. .However, there are 27 places, so I will introduce the inn while slowly soaking […]

[Latest 2022 version] Soothing cool sweets that you want to eat while sightseeing!Minamioguni Town "Local Soft Cream" Summary 🍦

Even though I could feel the signs of autumn, September was still hot.From now on, Aso will become more and more suitable for going out🙌!So this time, Kurokawa Onsen ♨ Perfect for dessert and driving companion!The local area of ​​Minamioguni Town […]

Take a walk in the hot spring area with yukata to remember the trip. Information on Kurokawa Onsen Rental Yukata, which is cheap and easy to be cute.

Hello!When I fed the ostrich, I almost could eat my hands.I'm too scared to close my eyes ... By the way, this time of year is in the middle of the graduation trip season, and the Kurokawa Onsen district is crowded with many students every day.Take advantage of long vacations […]

Feel free to enjoy the hot spring feeling? ! Introduce five foot spots at Kurokawa Onsen at a glance!

Hello, Shino!A matchmaking spot in Minamioguni Town!This is the only one in Japan where two river waterfalls can be seen at the confluence.My smallness stands out more in the wilderness ... What surprised me when I came to Minamioguni-cho was, of course, the magnificence of nature […]

Jalan Popular hot spring place ranking 2018 nationwide 8 place! I have summarized the history of Kurokawa Onsen and my current efforts.

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.Do you like hot springs, everyone?I love you.In particular, I loved the open-air bath surrounded by nature like this, and I moved to Minamioguni-cho because I loved hot springs too much.Kurokawa Onsen is famous for Minamioguni Town.Kurokawa […]