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Unlimited access to the superb outdoor bath! ? "Smartphone hot water" of Aso, Minamioguni is hot at home time! I actually tried a hot bathing experience

Hello! This is Kaji-chan, the editor-in-chief of SMO Minamioguni!I want to feel like I'm out, so I'm feeling like I'm out after watching the VR video of the drone.Lol Recently in Aso and Minamioguni, the powerful fresh green that sprouted after the open burning is beautiful and healing […]

[Soba in Okogoto] Taste drums in a luxurious space. Although it is not conspicuous, it is very popular by the repeater one after another. Introduction of famous shop "Shirakawa soba hideout" which really hid.

Hello!Kaji-chan is rumored to be similar to Nico-chan's mark! ??The second in the Soba series in Oguni.This time, a soba restaurant in the Shirakawa area of ​​Minamioguni Town.It's been 16 years since the company was founded, and the more regular customers come every week, the more captivated the shop is, "Shirakawa Soba […]"

| Announcement of Results | Introducing the hot water XNUM X Photo Contest winners! !

Hello!The fraudulent photo is a new Kaji-chan in my memory! The Yu Akari Photo Contest was held in 2017 and received a large number of applications. In 2018, you can see the hot springs in each hot spring area in Minamioguni Town! !!Until now […]

| Notice | Declaration of the winter scenary "Yu Akari" photo contest held by Mari lantern gently lighting the night!

Hello!This curator photo is a little crazy, Kaji-chan.I'll explain why I got so crazy later. ..Lol Well!December is finally here!It is the last winter of Heisei! What do you do when it comes to "the end of Heisei" [...]