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Broadcasting on Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting (KAB)! Power spot of Minamioguni-cho was introduced in Kuma Power J "Pin Town!"

Hello! This is Kaji-chan, the editor-in-chief of SMO Minamioguni!This look!And there is also Mr. Kashiyama ... That's right!At Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting Kuma Power J's one-corner "Machi no Pin! Point", which received a great deal of attention after the broadcast last year, now […]

【Big to Small Southern Country】 Alps here too? ! You can enjoy a superb view and profitable gourmet easily in half a day! Introduction of Akababa area.

happy New Year.Speaking of New Year's photos, kimono!So, Kaji-chan dressed up a little with the kimono she got from her mother. I would like to convey seasonal information mainly in Minamioguni in XNUMX, so please look forward to it […]

2018 / 12 / 15 / 2019 / 1 / 12 held! Frigid foot pass at Tateiwa water source!

Hello, this is seen Karin.Minamioguni Town is getting colder and colder!It hasn't snowed yet, so I haven't changed to studless tires, but it's cold every day. ..Today, we would like to introduce the footpath event to be held at Tateiwasuigen!Tateiwasuigen Foot […]

Traveling trip! Power spot to drop by Kumamoto Prefecture · Aso 7 selection

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.I like horse sashimi T-shirts.Well, the end of the year is coming soon.I think that many people are busy and stressful every day.Aso's power spot is recommended for such people!Enjoy the spectacular scenery together […]

Power charge to survive the summer! There seems to be a benefit! 9 power spots to stop by if you come to Aso

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.I have too many plans for summer, and I'm worried if I can survive the summer.At times like this, you want to charge your power.We would like to introduce you to Aso's power spots that are perfect for such people.Power spot […]

【Access information】 Benefit for looking for lovers or fulfilling romance. Introduction of the way to the power spot "Kogi mountain inari shrine" popular among women

Hello!This is Kaji-chan, an Arasa Lonely Girl.I'm afraid that my friends will be worried and write their wishes for me on a strip of paper.Lol There is a place where I have a sense of mission that I have to go the most right now.It […]

【Standard for girls' trips】 Discovered within a distance of 30 minutes by walk or by car from Aso · Kurokawa Onsen! "SNS shine spot" vest 8 in Minamikoguni! (Area)

Hello!Kaji-chan is cell-phone addicted, holding her smartphone in one hand whether she sleeps or wakes up.Nowadays, the image quality of smartphone cameras is so good that you can easily take beautiful pictures anywhere without using a full-fledged SLR camera. […]