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[NEW OPEN] NEW spot in Minamioguni Town!Introducing Cafe Take no Kuma, where you can forget the flow of time and feel the beauty of Satoyama

This is the SMOMO editorial department.This time, I would like to introduce “Cafe Take no Kuma”, which opened on May 2023, 5 in Akababa, Minamioguni-cho, “Take no Kuma” area.I have fully experienced the healing space that nature and beautiful architecture bring […]

[Video Introduction] Limited time only! Thorough dissection of the charm of Yuu Akari, a winter feature of Aso Minamioguni-machi that attracts people!

Hello!I'm Kaji-chan, a chubby idol (self-proclaimed) from Minamioguni Town!I'm still not fully aware of idols, and I unconsciously eat pancakes with such a face. …e?Bananaman ◯ It's not Takanohana-san when she was a child who impersonates Mr. Mura, Kaji […]

[Video Introduction] Open for a limited time! Unexplored presence of Aso and Minamioguni. Introducing the "Mazeno Valley" where you can fully enjoy nature.

Hello!I'm Kaji-chan, a chubby idol (self-proclaimed) from Minamioguni Town! !!This costume for this greeting is ... yes!That's it!Are! !! !!Kaji Max's Nansan is good!It's time! !! !! !! (I remember this because I do it every time […]

[Complete preservation version] Save money! A complete array of meals from meals without meals. Introduction of 8 private accommodation facilities in Aso and Minamioguni. (There is a reservation window)

Hello! This is Kaji-chan, the editor-in-chief of SMO Minamioguni!The word "minpaku" that I often hear in recent years.Do you know what a private lodging is like in the first place? ■ What is a private lodging?So-called private lodging is a trip by renting out a detached house or a room in an apartment […]

[Video introduction] New challenges in Aso and Minamioguni-machi. Variety introducing people and things in the region ?! ”Begins!

Hello!I'm Kaji-chan, a chubby idol (self-proclaimed) from Minamioguni Town!Thank you again for visiting SMOMO.So far, SMOMO has provided information on Minamioguni Town to everyone through articles […]

Hakui which is not known unexpectedly in Aso / Minamikikoku? ! Featuring satoyama, beautiful skin effect preeminent "Feeling of dropping in in the area of" Oda Onsen in "Oshima" area.

Hello!Most of the "love lottery" in tourist spots is Kaji-chan, who is pulling from one end!The Golden Week holidays are finally here! !!Did you have any plans to go out? !!I was wondering what to do during the Golden Week holidays, I wonder if there is a hot spring that I can easily go to […]