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A new mountain climbing route opens in Aso Nakadake!Climbing is possible even at eruption alert level XNUMX!Introducing the Sarayama detour route!

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.Last time, I introduced the Suzumeiwa detour route as a new mountain climbing route for Aso Nakadake, but it's hard anyway.So, this time, another detour route with a slightly lower hurdle, the Sarayama detour route […]

A new mountain climbing route opens in Aso Nakadake!Climbing is possible even at eruption alert level XNUMX!Introducing the Nakadake / Takaoka Suzumeiwa detour route.

Hello, it feels like mountain climbing. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.This time, the new mountain climbing route of Mt. Aso Nakadake was opened, so I tried to climb the mountain for the first time.This is the one I climbed this time.Start from Sensuikyo, go to Nakadake, then high […]

West Japan's first landing! A new sense of activity running around Mother Nature! Introduction of thrilling "adventure track".

Hello!This is Kaji-chan!I intend to express the "A" of Aso.Lol Do you all enjoy Golden Week during the huge holidays?The holidays are too long and I've run out of play material ... Good news for you who have such troubles! !! […]

【Roadside】 Arrive at Fukuoka! 2 nights 3 days to enjoy the hot springs, gourmet and exquisite views of Kumamoto Aso. If you go here, there is no doubt! Introduction of no course course.

Hello!Autumn of appetite is coming!It's an all-season appetite season, but Kaji-chan loves autumn food and has a high level of tension.Finally September! !! It's a special month with three consecutive holidays twice. \ (^^) / I'm wondering where to go, something [...]

Power charge to survive the summer! There seems to be a benefit! 9 power spots to stop by if you come to Aso

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.I have too many plans for summer, and I'm worried if I can survive the summer.At times like this, you want to charge your power.We would like to introduce you to Aso's power spots that are perfect for such people.Power spot […]

SNS shine? ! Full of useful information! Popular contribution of travel sightseeing information telling "now" in Kumamoto · Aso region TOP10!

Hello! Like Facebook!It's Kaji-chan who gets a lot of tension when she gets a lot of.Now is the time to get information on SNS! !!When I go out, I use SNS to check the information in that area […]