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June 2022, 6 The "hot spring bill" of Kurokawa Onsen has been renewed to coincide with "Open-air bath day"!Introducing the charm of the new hot spring bill that allows you to fully enjoy the hot spring town, from open-air baths to local gourmet food and souvenirs!

hello! This is the SMOMO editorial department.If you like hot springs, you know!Kurokawa Onsen's "hot spring bill", which is also a hot spring resort in Minamioguni, will be renewed on June 2022, 6 ... Open-air bath day ♨ What will change? !!I will introduce you in an easy-to-understand manner, so by all means […]

Take a break while visiting the hot springs.Lots of delicious and cute!Introducing the popular sweets shop "Shirotamako" at Kurokawa Onsen

Hello everyone!I'm Inohara, the editorial department of SMOMO, who has a harsh heat.Specializing in white balls along Shimokawabata Street in Kurokawa Onsen […]

New open in the center of Aso / Kurokawa Onsen town!Introducing the fashionable cafe "cafe & rest HoKaRi" that welcomes even a cup of coffee.

Hello! This is Kaji-chan, the editor-in-chief of SMO Minamioguni!This time, a cafe has opened on Shimokawabata-dori, which is also the center of Kurokawa Onsen town \ (^^) /! !! !!I heard that it's a cafe with an atmosphere that looks like Kurokawa Onsen, but it's not like that, so I went there immediately! […]