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New Announcements

SNS shine? ! Full of useful information! Popular contribution of travel sightseeing information telling "now" in Kumamoto · Aso region TOP10!

Hello! Like Facebook!It's Kaji-chan who gets a lot of tension when she gets a lot of.Now is the time to get information on SNS! !!When I go out, I use SNS to check the information in that area […]

The cool spot of Aso Minamikumo is here! Tateiwa water source!

Hello. This is Mikarin from SMO. I moved to Minamioguni Town from Kumamoto City in October 2017.It was extremely cold in winter, but now it's not too hot and it's easy to spend.The temperature in Minamioguni Town is about -10 ℃, which is the temperature in Kumamoto City.There is a cooler in the summer […]

Road drive course connecting Yufuin and Aso Yamanami Highway. Introduce the charm of "Sani Love House", the largest drive in which all souvenirs, gourmet and healing are prepared!

Hello!My car is Kaji-chan, who is a little flashy.When I go somewhere, I love to make detours to roadside stations and service areas! !! !!Because these facilities include souvenir shops, bakeries, food courts, and more […]

A fine satoyama experience. I cook rice cooker in lunch box village

Hello! This is Mikarin from SMO.Do you like rice, everyone?I want to eat delicious rice every day, so I like rice as much as I cook rice in a clay pot. At "Gonbeemura", you can experience cooking rice in a kamado.If you make a reservation, prepare rice […]

Hold a spectacular view of Aso! TRIMCOMPANY cycle tour

Hello SMO NomiKarin.The other day, I rode a bicycle for the first time in about 5 years.At Trim Company, you can tour the town on a full-scale bicycle.Mr. Hashimoto who will guide you.You can ride a cool bicycle! & nb […]

【Standard for girls' trips】 Discovered within a distance of 30 minutes by walk or by car from Aso · Kurokawa Onsen! "SNS shine spot" vest 8 in Minamikoguni! (Area)

Hello!Kaji-chan is cell-phone addicted, holding her smartphone in one hand whether she sleeps or wakes up.Nowadays, the image quality of smartphone cameras is so good that you can easily take beautiful pictures anywhere without using a full-fledged SLR camera. […]

The best breakfast to enjoy the freshest ingredients and superb views of Aso and Minamikobe. Reservation reception of Kurokawa Onsen morning picnic 2019 has started!

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.At Kurokawa Onsen in Minamioguni Town, a special breakfast is offered for a limited time.Moreover, in the meadow!I would like many people to know and experience this special feeling, so I will introduce it this time […]

【free entrance! 】 7 Moon held 22 days! Kyushu Wrestling Minami Oguni Town Competition "Bamboo shoots in Minamikouso! Introduction of.

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.It's sudden, but please see here first.In fact, in Minamioguni Town, after the Kumamoto earthquake, we are making a video with the cooperation of Kyushu Wrestling.Partly because of that, in July of last year (2017), Kyushu Pro […]

Must eat curry bread on Sunday only! 10 minutes by car from Kurokawa Onsen. Introduction of bakery of the attention of Saturdays and Sundays in Minamioguni-cho

Hello SMO is Morinaga of Minamioguni.Do you like bread, everyone?I basically don't eat bread.But I'm dying to eat bread several times a year.At such times, I often go to Minamioguni-cho, a bakery limited to Saturdays and Sundays, Kongari Bread […]

[Access information] Go with public transportation! Access to Minamioguni-machi & summarized local taxi company (2018 year 7 month point)

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.I usually give directions at the Minamioguni Town Tourism Association.How can I get to Minamioguni Town by public transport? ??I often get the story, so I will summarize it briefly.Introducing timetables, etc. […]

Summer Aso feels "cool".Introducing water play and cool spots around Kurokawa Onsen.

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.What do you think of when you think of a summer resort?I'm sure it's the last Takachiho Gorge.The biggest difficulty here is that when you take a picture from the top of the boat, you can see the human face.However, this is a tremendous amount of sight […]

Listen to Director Kiyasa Kaasa, a product museum in Minamikogiku! I can only buy it here! Popular local souvenirs Best 5!

Hello!Kaji-chan is still eating even if she becomes an Arasa!Whenever you go on a trip, you always buy "souvenirs"!Whether you feel like traveling or not!I just picked up a lot and when I came back, I said, "Why did you buy this? [...]

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[Private experience] Manganji boat (room stay)
[Carefully selected] No loss! Seven Aso sweets recommended by the editor-in-chief who grew up in Aso!
縺  縺 縺  縺 縺 薙 髦 髦 縲 縲 縲 縲 縲 縲 縲 縲 縲 讌 讌 NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUMX 縺 縺 縺 縺 薙 縺 縺 縺 薙
Aso Geopark brand certified commodity
Aso Pickles 5 book set
[30 minutes from Minamioguni Town! ] A new spot for Maki Onsen in Aso City!Introducing Tagoyama Observatory and Sorafune Pier.
[Minami Oguni Camp] A unique view of Aso and Kuju. Safe even for beginners camping! Hot springs can be used for 24 hours and repeat visitors! Introduction of the popular campsite "Kurasako Onsen Sakura".
【Limited 50 pack】 Kumamoto · Minami-Oguni-machi town
"Dried mackerel 40g"
【Recommended for rainy weather】 Facility to play even if it rains in the Aso area 6 selection (※ updated as needed)
Monopolize the superb view of Aso! Drone operation experience that even beginners can enjoy
[Finished] [Can be used in combination with various systems] Equivalent to 3000 yen!Notice of Minamioguni Town "Sightseeing" gift certificate (* Available period is from May 2022, 5 to September 30, 2022)