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[Access information] Go with public transportation! Access to Minamioguni-machi & summarized local taxi company (2018 year 7 month point)

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.I usually give directions at the Minamioguni Town Tourism Association.How can I get to Minamioguni Town by public transport? ??I often get the story, so I will summarize it briefly.Introducing timetables, etc. […]

Summer Aso feels "cool".Introducing water play and cool spots around Kurokawa Onsen.

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.What do you think of when you think of a summer resort?I'm sure it's the last Takachiho Gorge.The biggest difficulty here is that when you take a picture from the top of the boat, you can see the human face.However, this is a tremendous amount of sight […]

Listen to Director Kiyasa Kaasa, a product museum in Minamikogiku! I can only buy it here! Popular local souvenirs Best 5!

Hello!Kaji-chan is still eating even if she becomes an Arasa!Whenever you go on a trip, you always buy "souvenirs"!Whether you feel like traveling or not!I just picked up a lot and when I came back, I said, "Why did you buy this? [...]

30 minutes by car from Aso! Recommended for day trips and girls trips! Something delicious little by little. Lunch broken in South Korean countries ♪

Hello! It is Nakaji-chan who doesn't feel like losing weight because he uses too much "diet is a scam from tomorrow".I always think.I wish there was no limit to my stomach. ..When I was traveling, I just thought, "I have to eat now !!", oh [...]

【Feel free to have a great view! 】 Within the inn from door to door within 30 minutes. Sea of ​​cloud sea spot 5 casually seen in Aso / Minami-Ogikuni-machi

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.Have you ever seen the sea of ​​clouds in Aso?Due to the combination of various weather conditions, the clouds come down, and when viewed from a high place, it looks like the sea.The probability of occurrence is […] between the end of the rainy season and autumn.

【Perfect preservation version】 Morinaga who loves Aka cow Recommend Aso / Minami-Oguni-machi shop where you can taste Aka beef dress 11 selection (updated as needed)

Hello together with the cattle. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.Do you like cows, everyone? ??I love you.Above all, I love red cows.My favorite red cow.We eat XNUMX to XNUMX kg of grass every day and walk XNUMX to XNUMX kg.Thanks to this, […] in the Aso area

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