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30 minutes by car from Aso! Recommended for day trips and girls trips! Something delicious little by little. Lunch broken in South Korean countries ♪

Hello! It is Nakaji-chan who doesn't feel like losing weight because he uses too much "diet is a scam from tomorrow".I always think.I wish there was no limit to my stomach. ..When I was traveling, I just thought, "I have to eat now !!", oh [...]

【Feel free to have a great view! 】 Within the inn from door to door within 30 minutes. Sea of ​​cloud sea spot 5 casually seen in Aso / Minami-Ogikuni-machi

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.Have you ever seen the sea of ​​clouds in Aso?Due to the combination of various weather conditions, the clouds come down, and when viewed from a high place, it looks like the sea.The probability of occurrence is […] between the end of the rainy season and autumn.

【Perfect preservation version】 Morinaga who loves Aka cow Recommend Aso / Minami-Oguni-machi shop where you can taste Aka beef dress 11 selection (updated as needed)

Hello together with the cattle. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.Do you like cows, everyone? ??I love you.Above all, I love red cows.My favorite red cow.We eat XNUMX to XNUMX kg of grass every day and walk XNUMX to XNUMX kg.Thanks to this, […] in the Aso area

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Concierge staff carefully selected and recommended tourist information · inn (hotel ryokan) · restaurant · pubs · cafe · shops etc. which are recommended according to customer's request.

[Reservations are being accepted] [Can be used in combination with various systems] Save 3000 yen!Notice of Minamioguni Town "Sightseeing" Gift Certificate (* Available period is from March 2022, 5 to April 30, 2022)
[Carefully selected] No loss! Seven Aso sweets recommended by the editor-in-chief who grew up in Aso!
[30 minutes from Minamioguni Town! ] A new spot for Maki Onsen in Aso City!Introducing Tagoyama Observatory and Sorafune Pier.
【Limited 50 pack】 Kumamoto · Minami-Oguni-machi town
"Dried mackerel 40g"
Monopolize the superb view of Aso! Drone operation experience that even beginners can enjoy
【Recommended for rainy weather】 Facility to play even if it rains in the Aso area 6 selection (※ updated as needed)
[Private experience] Manganji boat (room stay)
縺  縺 縺  縺 縺 薙 髦 髦 縲 縲 縲 縲 縲 縲 縲 縲 縲 讌 讌 NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUMX 縺 縺 縺 縺 薙 縺 縺 縺 薙
[Minami Oguni Camp] A unique view of Aso and Kuju. Safe even for beginners camping! Hot springs can be used for 24 hours and repeat visitors! Introduction of the popular campsite "Kurasako Onsen Sakura".
Aso Geopark brand certified commodity
Aso Pickles 5 book set