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【Limited 50 pack】 Kumamoto · Minami-Oguni-machi town
【Limited 50 pack】 Kumamoto · Minami-Oguni-machi town
"Dried mackerel 40g"

【Limited 50 pack】 Kumamoto · Minami-Oguni-machi town
"Dried mackerel 40g" ◎ Size / -

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【Limited 50 pack】 Kumamoto · Minami-Oguni-machi town

Precious Kyushu dancers

In recent years, "Mai Mushi" which is often taken up in the media. Production systems are established in Kyushu district only in Nagasaki Prefecture · Shimabara and here in Kumamoto Prefecture · Minamioguni-machi (not including small amounts of individual production). This item which contains food fiber and various vitamins, zinc, etc., dried mauin which is superior in nutritional value, further condensed fragrance and taste.

If you return to water, you can use it for various dishes, such as bulging 8 ~ 10 times, tempura and mixed rice, stir-fried items of miso soup.

~ Well-used method of dried mushrooms ~
It will be more delicious if you use it for dishes you want to enjoy, such as cooked rice and rice, boiled rice, udon and soba noodle.
When you return it, the umbrella will be approximately 10 times, so please use it as a guide.
If you soak in lukewarm water for 2 hours, you will return.
If you are concerned about Ak, please change the water once at the place where you pickled 10 minutes from the first 20 minutes.

~ How to return dry milk carton well ~
Dried mackerel, the taste changes dramatically in the way you go back.
In order to eat "dried maitake" deliciously, it is good to put it in the refrigerator about 2 ~ 3 hours with as much as possible cold water, but if you do not have time, add a little sugar, osmotically The return time is shortened.
If you hurry, you can also return with lukewarm water. In that case, you can return in 2 ~ 30 minutes, but please be careful as bitterness and omegami come out when putting on for a long time.

~ Great attention also in the media etc. What is the nutritional value of dried mushrooms ~
Mai Mushi stores a variety of nutrition! For example ...
● Potassium: Effects such as prevention of high blood pressure and lowering of uric acid level
● Zinc: Nutrients necessary for protein and bone development, improving metabolism and the effect of immunity up
● Vitamin D: Nutrients necessary for making healthy teeth and bones
● Niacin: preventive effects such as stomatitis, dermatitis, arterial effect, insomnia
● Dietary fiber: relieve constipation, prepare the intestinal environment, prevention of obesity and high blood pressure, diet effect etc.
● Amino acids: recovery of fatigue after exercise, improvement of liver function, improvement of sleep quality etc.
● β-glucan: Immune power up, anti-cancer action

Contents amount: 40g
Producing area (final processing place): Minamioguni-machi, Kumamoto prefecture (Nakahara district)
Varieties: Maihutsu
Preservation method: Please save at room temperature avoiding direct sunlight

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