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Aso Pickles 5 book set
Aso Geopark brand certified commodity
Aso Pickles 5 book set

Aso Geopark brand certified commodity
Aso Pickles 5 book set ◎ Size / -

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Aso Pickles 5 book set

Heisei 29 year excellent new product "excellent prize" won! ! Aso Geopark brand certified commodity

Aside from agriculture in Aso County Minami small country, we are developing processed products using seasonal vegetables without autologous agricultural chemicals, Nanaka's popular product "Aso Pickles".

It is a pickle which expresses the grassland of Aso every season such as burning landscape, grazing landscape held every year to inherit the grassland of Aso, scenery with snow.

Please enjoy the handmade taste with apple vinegar that is friendly to children who wished for "children like to hate vegetables to eat to the animals under the bottle ...".

About kind of Aso pickle
※ Seasonal vegetables are made using seasonal vegetables, so vegetables may be different depending on the time.

【Grazing】 It is a pickled theme with grazing theme, which is a snapshot of the lush meadow of Aso, red beef standing in grassland gently. The thought that I want you to try vegetables until you reach the part of the cow by trying hard on your child is put in it.

[Snowy Mountain] I expressed the scenery of the prairie of Aso in the snowy winter with carrots in a small country radish which is also a special product of Minami Oguni Town. It is cut into dice size for children to eat easily.

【Child of the Sun】 Pesticide Aico Tomato is peeled hot water one by one carefully, pickled with only vinegar and sugar, it is pickles of dessert sensation that draw out the sweetness of Aiko Tomato to the maximum. It is popular No. 1 as a snack for children.

【Child of the Earth】 It is pickles of lightly boiled taro which is also a special product of Minamikosanki, seasoned with herbs and peppers and spiceful adult taste. It is also ideal for garnish.

【Field burning】 A burning field to be held every spring around the spring to protect Aso's grassland. I expressed the grassland with peppers and the flame with red and yellow paprika. It is recommended as a sandwich ingredient.

Factory studio color
Expiration date 180 day from manufacturing date
※ After opening the product, please enjoy as soon as possible.
Contents Amount Aso Pickles (140g) × 5 book

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