[Private experience] Sakon no Ueno (room without meals)

Enter the 21 year for the first time as a farmer! Minamioguni's first private accommodation facility. A clean and calm Japanese-Western room using Oguni cedar is perfect for girls traveling, couples, and families ♪ The owner has experience studying abroad, and everyday English conversation is no problem! Recommended for inbound customers!

The facility is surrounded by nature.

A spacious Japanese room with 10 tatami mats. It is also possible to lay a futon here and sleep.

There are 2 beds.

There is a mini kitchen (no stove), refrigerator, cupboard (with cups, etc.).

This kitchen is available for those who want to cook in earnest.

A dedicated wash basin in the building,

There is a restroom.

■ Nearest hot spring information

Yume Plaza (6 minutes by car)
Business hours: 3 pm to 8 hours 30 minutes
Price: 300 for adults

In addition, Kurokawa Onsen and Manganji Onsen can be reached within a 20 minute drive.

In neighboring Oguni-machi, it is within 20 by car to Kanate Onsen with a private bath, and 30 within a drive to Watai Onsen.

In this accommodation, it is in facilityGoemon bath and shower availableis. (Please tell us when you make a reservation)

■ Facility map
Address: Kumamoto Prefecture Aso County Minamioguni-machi Daikan Nakahara 4746-1

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