[Private Stay Experience] Farmer Kaguya Hime no Sato (Without meals)

A lodging facility that offers cheap accommodation and a rich experience menu. There are few private houses around and it is a quiet environment. Recommended for those who want to spend a leisurely time and enjoy interacting with farmers!

The rooms you stay at are connected to the main building via a walkway.

8 tatami room. There are many warm notes written by students who came to the farmer's house.

Japanese room with 8 tatami mats.

The owner, Sumiko Akiyoshi.

In addition to staying, as an experience menu,Konjac making experience,Dumpling making experience,Seasonal vegetable harvest experienceEtc. are also carried out.

This is an experience where you can learn and enjoy the country cuisine of a mother who has a variety of processed products at local product stores! Please contact us for details. (Separate fee will be charged)

■ Nearest hot spring information

▼ Yume Plaza (6 by car)
Business hours: 3 pm to 8 hours 30 minutes
Price: 300 for adults

In addition, Kurokawa Onsen and Manganji Onsen can be reached within a 20 minute drive.

In neighboring Oguni-machi, it is within 20 by car to Kanate Onsen with a private bath, and 30 within a drive to Watai Onsen.

■ Facility map
Address: Kumamoto Prefecture Aso-gun Minamioguni-machi Ohara Nakahara 1229

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