[Private experience] Kimorebi 庵 Yutayu (room without meals)

15 years after migrating to Minamioguni. This is the only private accommodation facility in the Shirakawa area that is run by the owner who is very familiar with Aso. It is especially recommended for those who are interested in pristine nature and wild grasses in that nature!

This room uses FSC international forest certified cedar.

The ceiling is high and there is no feeling of pressure.

In winter, warm up with a real wood stove.

Spacious balcony.

An independent washbasin just outside the room,

There is a restroom.

The owner, Shigeko Wakizono.

In this private accommodation facility,Wild grass guide (with wild grass cooking experience)AndGuide to enjoying Aso's nature (information on the sea of ​​clouds and sunset)We are also doing. Please contact us for details. (Separate cost)

■ Nearest hot spring information

▼ Onsenkan Kiyora (15 by car)
Business hours: Afternoon 1-Afternoon 8
Fee: Adult 300 yen / Child 150 yen

In the nearest hot spring area, the Oda Onsen area is within 5 minutes by car.

In addition, Kurokawa Onsen and Manganji Onsen can be reached within a 10 minute drive.

In the neighboring Oguni-machi, you can easily access Waita Onsenkyo (for 20 by car) with a private bath.

■ Facility map
Address: Mihousenji Temple Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture 6055-2

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