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Easy sightseeing with E-BIKE (electric bicycle)!Minamioguni Town Rental Cycle

I started renting a bicycle!

Why don't you enjoy a scenic satoyama tour on an E-BIKE (electric bicycle)?There are many attractions that you will notice because it is a bicycle, such as a thatched-roof bus stop, a potato car, and an unmanned vegetable sales office.There are many slopes in the town, but the power of electricity will help you to move forward, so even those who are not confident in their physical strength or the elderly can use it with confidence.The tourist association will also introduce recommended routes, so please feel free to ask at the reception.

First of all, accept at the tourist association!You can rest assured that you will also be required to take out accident insurance just in case.


Slowly and leisurely along the riverside road ...


On the way, get off the bicycle and see the "Big Bear of Bamboo Bear"


Find your favorite place and take a selfie


There are many attractions around the Minamiogunicho Tourism Association, but if you do your best, you can also go to Kurokawa Onsen, Senomoto Kogen, and Nabegataki in Ogunicho.Please enjoy cycling on a sunny day.

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