"Kazenotani Hike & Lunch"

With the Five Aso Mountains in the distance, you can hike along the firebreak that separates the grassland from the broad-leaved forest, and experience building a fire using pampas grass from the grassland. Enjoy a boxed lunch made with local ingredients while sitting around a fire you made yourself. Please relax and enjoy Aso from the time you check out of your hotel until noon.

First, walk along the firebreak to a place with a good view.

After gathering and listening to an explanation of the overall process, we walked along the firebreak (the area where the grass created when burning the fields is cut). It's a bit of a steep climb, so it's best to wear comfortable shoes.

This spectacular view can be seen within 15 minutes of walking.

A short walk will take you to a spectacular view of the five Aso mountains. Climb slowly, taking breaks along the way. The guide will teach you how to walk on the mountain path.

Try making a fire after hiking

Experience building a fire using silver grass from Aso and dead trees from mountain trails. Light the fire with a steel match and enjoy the bonfire.

Toast marshmallows after the bonfire.

Lunch after the experience

Lunch will be a boxed lunch wrapped in bamboo skin made by a local caterer for this experience. Enjoying a bento lunch in nature after a light hike is a great option.


Date 2024 year 3 month 7 day to 2024 year 10 month 31 day
Venue Aso Taikan Forest
Access 15 minutes by car from Aso Uchinomaki Onsen
Price (tax included) 8000 Yen
Included in price Guide fee, lunch fee, experience fee
Inquiry SMO Minamioguni Co., Ltd. (0967-42-1444)
Target age 6 to 70 years old
Required Time About 2 hours
Minimum number of people 2 people
Recruiting personnel 20 people
The meeting place Taikan no Mori Parking Lot (Kokura, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture, 869-2312)
meeting time 10:00
Response in case of rain Canceled in case of rain (we will make a decision and contact you by the day before)
For Advance Reservations: Must not
About the tour conductor accompanied by a guide
Reservation deadline Until 1:12 00 days before
Cancellation Policy On the day: 100% of the trial fee Cancellation without notice: 100% of the trial fee

Reservation calendar

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Please select your desired plan

Plan empty slot
(Taikan no Mori start, easy trekking)
(Fire making experience)
(Lunch (bento))

○: There are some vacancies
▲: After applying, the organizer will inform you whether or not your application has been accepted.
×: End of acceptance
-: Not held or outside the reception period

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