Aso gourmet can also eat delicious red beef dishes that are indispensable! Introduction of the sister shop "Warokuya" of Kurokawa Onsen Long-established Ryokan.


I have sent out a mysterious Y pose at Oshido Stone Hill. Do not say that the pose is old.

Kurokawa Onsen is a hugely popular place where people from all over the country and from overseas come as well. The beginning of such Kurokawa Onsen is in the middle of the Edo period.

The long-established ryokan "Ohanya" that continues from that Edo period is the oldest inn in Kurokawa Onsen and boasts a history of about 300 years since its establishment.

This time the restaurant shop's sister shop, the restaurantWatching shopWe will introduce you!

■ Restaurant & Cafe Warokuya

It is on the Shimokawabata Road, an 3 minute walk from the Ryokan Association.

It is also possible that you can queue up at lunchtime!

A very eye-catching board at the store! There is also a take-out menu so you can eat and walk.

The shop interior looks calm. Because we relocated the old houses of the Meiji period, we can enjoy a space with a profound feeling different from modern buildings.

There is also a counter seat in the back. It seems that that celebrity who does not know in Kumamoto is also sitting ...!

By the way, we also sell original herbal tea for souvenirs. I'm glad that fragrant herbal tea can be tasted at home as well.

And there is also a coaster made of small country cedar which is also a famous product of small country town! The fine pattern is very beautiful. In Kurokawa Onsen, you can purchase valuable coasters that are only sold at a few homes.

■ Recommended lunch menu

By the way, from here we introduce recommended meal menu at a stretch!

★ Various shop three kinds of curry (¥ X NUM X yen)
The most popular shop! !Hyo pork black curry ・ Higo red chicken white curry ・ Aso red cow curryA luxurious curry set where you can taste all of the 3 varieties at once. Roux is carefully made over time with homemade bouillon soup and soup stock. An adult curry with a spice on it!

★ For a limited time Only after the red chicken is fried chicken (¥ 1,100)
Pick up Higo's rare red chicken that has won the highest award at the local chicken and brand chicken taste contest in 2014! Red chicken is characterized by firm crunchy meat, so it has elastic crunchy texture. Please eat here early for a limited time menu!

★ Aso grilled beef curry (¥ XNUM)
The standard of the shopAso red cow curryA piece of grilled mozzarella cheese on top. The soft and soft ~ delicious beef with Tolotro cheese. You can arrange mellow by topping the hot balls!

★ Abe beef loin's burdock weight (¥ X NUM X)
X NUM X Sun X NUM X Food Limited Ultra Rare Menu! The ultimate dish of home-made garlic flavored salty sauce intermingled with fresh meat without excess fat. By the way, this sauce is also used in the dinner of the guest house of the sisters shop. I can not forget it once I eat it! Recommended for those who want to enjoy a little extravagant lunch menu! It is worth ant before the opening of the store.

By the way, coffee etc as a drink set in the lunch menuPlus X NUM X YenBecause you can put on, you can enjoy the after-dinner drink.

Menus using mainly local ingredients are all hearty, and only local menus that can only be eaten here, so I was really satisfied!

■ Conclusion

After having a good meal, take a walk around Kurokawa Onsen, where you can enjoy the old-fashioned cityscape, or go to a hot spring to heal your body!

By the way, it will be closed as soon as lunch is gone, so I definitely want to have lunch! We recommend that you check in advance by phone.

Come and come to a romantic shop \ (^ ^) /!

【Basic information】Watching shop
Address: Mihousenji Temple Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture 6600-1
Telephone number: 0967-44-0283
Regular holiday: every Thursday, Friday
Hours of Operation: AM 10-PM 6 (End as soon as lunch is gone)