Items that make hot springs and travel more enjoyable!Introducing the hot spring coordination shop “Yutabaya Kurokawado”

When you go on a trip, you always want a "souvenir".
Souvenirs don't just mean anything, but I want something with a local feel!I think there are many people who say.

So this time, there are only 3 stores in Japanvery unusual souvenir shopcame to Kurokawa Onsen Town, so let me introduce it🙌

◉Onsen coordination shop “Yutabaya Kurokawado”

Yutabaya Kurokawado, which opened in December 2022, has a variety of items to enjoy the hot springs and hot spring town.Hot spring coordination shopis ♨

Before entering the store, there is something that catches your eye... 👀Is it unique to a hot spring town next to the entrance? !Soak the omikuji in hot water"Yu-mikuji" to predict the temperatureDiscover 🔮

On the other side is an introduction of recommended items 🙌 It's nice to think about what to buy while watching this ~.

When you enter the store while having fun from the entrance, you want that and this!So many souvenirs that you can't decide...🤩!

Products from Kumamoto and KyushuWe have 300 typesThat's right 👏

The shopping basket is this hot tub!I've never seen anyone other than Kurokawado...!I want to use the hot water tub, so I can't help but buy it.lol

Tenugui, a must-have item when entering a hot spring!All the patterns are cute 🤩! ! !It's different from the original usage, but it's nice to decorate your room.

There was also a tenugui towel!It's the best of tenugui and towels, and I love it too♨

And colored yukata 👘It seems that this is also popular with inbound people!

Original monpe that you can wear comfortably even after taking a bath or sweating!The colors are simple and easy to use everyday ♡

Speaking of Kumamoto, horses.There were also horse oil soaps and shampoos made with high-purity natural horse oil made from fresh horsemeat fat taken locally🐴! !

Can't you get it at drug stores? !There is also a local face pack in a stylish package 😊

Speaking of "chopsticks" in Kumamoto, everyone thinks of "Yamachiku" chopsticks here too 🥢

The Konohazaru, which is handmade one by one in Tamahigashimachi, Kumamoto, is popular as a talisman for warding off thieves, warding off disasters and illnesses, and prospering descendants🐒.

Kutami fan from Kumamoto, which is counted as one of the three major fan production areas.Persimmon juice is applied on top of Japanese paper, and it seems that it also has an insect repellent effect!

At Kurokawado“Experience making a fan in Shibu”You can also enjoy the self-style fan making that was jointly planned with "Kurikawa Shoten", the only workshop that has inherited the tradition of the people.

Kurokawado's popular products are still here!Kurokawado original cypress hot tub

The height is about 1 cm lower than a normal bath tub, making it easy for women and children to hold with one hand!

And here!Kurokawado original clogsis also popular ♨

It is made from a single wooden board, and the beautiful grain unique to cedar stands out by firing the surface🌲

The article introduced just a few of them, and there are still many attractive original items that we haven't introduced yet👀! ! !

Please stop by when you come to Aso Kurokawa Onsen🚗✨

|Store information|
[Address] 6592-2 Manganji, Minamioguni Town, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
[business hours] 9:30-12:00/13:00-17:30
[regular holiday] Tuesday, Wednesday
[Official Instagram]@yutabiya.kurokawado