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Early summer 🌳Holiday lunch🍴

Run 🏃 ♀️ Run 💗 Lunch 🍽 This is Ann Rika who is a rave eater.Early summer in Kita Aso!I feel so good.This time, I will introduce you to the right way to spend time after running on a holiday 😊 Ann Rika's way of healing fatigue 🤗 Part 3 hot spring ♨️ XNUMX months since muscle separation.or […]

[Carefully selected] No loss! Seven Aso sweets recommended by the editor-in-chief who grew up in Aso!

A must-have for traveling!Sometimes it's the ′′ food ′′ that can also be the purpose 😊 This time, we will introduce you to the ′′ XNUMX exquisite sweets of Aso ′′ even in such food!From the many sweets in the Aso area, select Kaji-chan, who was born and raised in Aso!It is a mistake […]

[NEW OPEN] Take a break from driving ☕Introducing “Kumo no Ue CAFE”, which is attached to this rest house in Aso and Minami Ogunise

When considering a trip to Kumamoto/Oita, one thing you will almost certainly see is the Yamanami Highway.This "Yamanami Highway" is a 50-kilometer road that connects Aso and Oita, and has been selected as one of the XNUMX best roads in Japan.

[Reservations accepted on October 5st! ] [Can be used in combination with various systems] Save 10 yen!Notice of Minamioguni Town "Sightseeing" Gift Certificate (* Available period is from October 4000, 2023 to January 5, 15)

The stores that can be used are different from the conventional tourist gift certificates.We would appreciate it if you could make a reservation for your purchase by checking the available stores.Click here for the gift certificate reservation page […]

Road-themed information starting from Minamioguni Town: clip 2 Mazeno Mystery Road Edition

Hello. This is siy.kawasaki. This series is based on the theme of "Road".Aso has many fun roads for car and motorcycle enthusiasts.And the scenery of the road is majestic and in a great location.Bikers and […]

Now is the best time to see 🌺 Rhododendron Forest 🌳

Hello!I'm Ann Rika, who is enjoying the acclaimed spring.Luxurious holiday running around tourist spots My hobby is running.I entered the Kumamoto Castle Marathon this year.However, just before […]

[Spring 2023 edition] If you're having trouble choosing a souvenir, go to Kiyora Kaasa!Introducing 10 souvenirs to buy in Aso Minamioguni

Hello! This is the SMOMO editorial department. In Minamioguni Town in April, the severe coldness has eased, and it has become a pleasant season in the height of spring.For those who came to Minamioguni-machi on such a perfect day for going out, the standard souvenir BEST 4 of the product hall Kiyora Kaasa […]

A long way to complete Kurokawa Onsen bathing bills...? Vol.2_Sound of Yukyo Yusai

Hello!This is Ann Rika who is visiting hot springs.This time, I would like to introduce you to the hot springs that I went to in search of healing during my holiday. ′′ Ann Rika's holiday 🇮🇹 ′′ The reason I moved. “Aso Ubuyama Cuffe” The reason I moved […]

Sending road-themed information from Minamioguni Town: clip1 Route 212

nice to meet you.Aso has many fun roads for car and motorcycle enthusiasts.And the scenery of the road is majestic and in a great location.When I returned as a biker, I picked up the theme of “road” from the Minamioguni Town Tourism Association […]

A long way to complete Kurokawa Onsen bathing bills...? Vol.1_Original Inn Hozantei

Nice to meet you, I'm Ann Rika, a member of the Minamioguni Tourism Association.Cold winter.I'm finally a hot spring lover!I am trying to visit the hot springs of Kurokawa. .However, there are 27 places, so I will introduce the inn while slowly soaking […]

Minamioguni's specialty "Jumbo Maitake" can be eaten nearby! ?Introducing the "Gurutto Kumamoto Project", a collaboration between farmers' markets in the prefecture

hello! This is the SMOMO editorial department.From now on, Aso will reach the time of harvest in autumn.Kiyora Kaasa, the town's general product center, is full of attractive ingredients that are perfect for autumn with such an appetite😋!Among the mountain delicacies of Minamioguni, jumbo maitake […]

Held on August 8th, 6th, 7th and 13th!Play in the water with the whole family in the hot summer. Notice of "Asonatsu Land".

Yamanami Highway is known as the best drive road connecting Aso to Yufuin in Oita Prefecture, where you can see the Kuju Mountain Range and Aso Gogaku.A 50-kilometer straight road (prefectural road No. 11) that has been selected as one of the XNUMX best roads in Japan that connects Oita and Aso.Kuju along the way […]