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|Event Notice|Limited time from November 11th to December 18nd!Special products from Aso Ogunigo are gathered at Tsutaya Bookstore in Ropponmatsu, Fukuoka! Announcement of “KUMAMOTO Aso POPUP STORE”

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Tsutaya Bookstore Fukuoka/Ropponmatsu

Announcement of an event being held in Fukuoka 📣!
For a limited time from November XNUMXth (Saturday) to December XNUMXnd (Saturday) at Tsutaya Bookstore in Ropponmatsu, Fukuoka."KUMAMOTO Aso POPUP STORE"Will appear.

POPUP STORE with specialty products from Aso Ogunigo!
There are lots of recommended products from Minamioguni Town!You might be able to get that gem you came across on your travels in Fukuoka...👀! ?Please come and visit us during the period 🙌

Please see here for more details!
City information Fukuoka Navi

Introducing Minamioguni Town's proud masterpieces lined up at Tsutaya Bookstore!

■Oishi Sugi Baum

Oishi Sugi Baum

This Baumkuchen is wheat-free and gluten-free, made with rice flour, Jerusalem artichokes, and eggs grown in the rich natural blessings of Minamioguni Town.The shape is inspired by the ``Oguni cedar'' that has been passed down in Oguni-go, and the texture is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

It's so popular that there was a backorder in just a few months after it went on sale in August last year 👏 The cute wrapping makes it perfect as a gift.


Minamioguni-cho is a delicious rice production area that only those in the know can produce🍚🥢Among them, the ``Akigeshiki'' produced by Kiyora Kaasa's contracted farmers is also used at Kurokawa Onsen inns, and is glossy and flavorful. It's first class rice.

2 cup cube package

We deliver mixed-grain rice, which is a mixture of white rice, brown rice, ancient rice, etc., in an affordable XNUMX-cup cube package.Recommended as a souvenir 🌾✨

■Oguni cedar aroma tree

[Foreque] Ogunisugi Aroma Tree

This is an accessory tree made from thinned wood from Oguni-go's branded wood, Oguni Cedar. Assemble the four wooden parts to create a delicate aroma tree.

Just spray the aroma spray that comes with the set and enjoy forest bathing in the comfort of your own home 🌲𓂃◌𓈒𓐍


Traveling bath oil “nukka”

This bath oil is a blend of hot spring water from Kurokawa Onsen and essential oil from Oguni Cedar, a branded wood from Oguni-go.An exquisite product born from the blessings of Satoyama.The lush scent of Oguni cedar will spread throughout your bath🛀🫧

■Kurokawa Onsen bath set

Kurokawa Onsen bath salts

This is a bath additive from the ``Japan's Famous Hot Springs'' series that was developed based on Kurokawa Onsen's 7 types of spring quality and the Satoyama landscape, allowing you to enjoy the authentic hot spring feeling in your home bath.How about some time at home ♨𓂃𓈒𓏸

Kurokawa Onsen original furoshiki

This is an original furoshiki from Kurokawa Onsen.Two patterns: white and black.It has excellent functionality and can be used for visiting hot springs and traveling.

Kurokawa Onsen original wooden bucket

Kurokawa Onsen's wooden barrels are made of cedar wood, and the gentle scent of wood will soothe your soul.

in conclusion

Please take this opportunity to purchase Ogunigo's proud products that add flowers to your life 😊

In addition to selling special products, you can also find out about Oguni-go's tourist information and immigration and settlement information, so please take this opportunity to visit.

Ropponmatsu Tsutaya Bookstore
Location: Long desk in front of the elevator, 4st floor, 2 Building, 1-421-1 Ropponmatsu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Access: Subway Fukuoka Municipal Subway Nanakuma Line "Ropponmatsu" Station
     Nishitetsu bus get off at Ropponmatsu bus stop