Minamioguni lunch cycling around with e-BIKE

Why don't you enjoy the beautiful scenery of Satoyama and a delicious lunch while cycling?

Minamioguni Town is a scenic satoyama with a population of 4,000 located on Mt. Aso Sotowa.You can see various scenery such as the best prairie in Japan where red cows are grazing and the village where you can feel the leisurely life of a satoyama.There are also restaurants and sweets shops that use local ingredients, and although it is a small town, it is full of the charm of traveling.Please join us for a greedy tour where you can enjoy cycling while eating delicious food from Minamioguni.

The e-BIKE (electric bicycle) is used for cycling!

Minamioguni Town has many ups and downs because it is a mountainous area, but since e-BIKE (electric bicycle) can be advanced swiftly with the power of electricity, even those who are not confident in their physical strength or elderly people can use it with confidence. ..The scenery you see when cycling is full of small emotions that are often overlooked by car.

What is this lunch?

Now that I've come to Minamioguni, I want to eat a lot of delicious food!In response to the customer's request, it is a ticket to enjoy the "food" of Minamioguni by choosing 19 favorite shops from 3 shops such as soba on the soba highway, popular cafes in the Kurokawa hot spring town, sweets and souvenirs. ..The lunch menu is half size, so even if you are not a big eater, you can eat 3 meals properly.

Past lunch articles https://minamioguni.jp/archives/191811

It is a nice project that combines these two attractive contents.

First of all, please make a reservation on this site or by phone. (We will inform you if there is an empty e-BIKE on the day)

On the day of the event, the Minamiogunicho Tourism Association will accept your request and hand you an e-BIKE and a Koseki lunch bill, so please enjoy your time. In 2021, we will sell two contents of good points for 2,000 yen, which is more advantageous than usual. (Individual regular price is e-BIKE 1,000 yen + split lunch 1,500 yen = 2,500 yen)

Why don't you take this opportunity to enjoy the charm of "landscape" and "food" in Minamioguni and make memories of your trip!

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