Delicious food little by little... "Kowake Lunch" in Minamioguni has been renewed and reopened!

What is this reason lunch?

Since I came to Minamioguni-machi, I want to eat various delicious foods! In response to the customer's request, we made a specially small menu. Even if it's a small menu, you'll definitely be satisfied if you eat 3 meals! Enjoy the "Kowaken menu" by choosing your favorite 3 stores, such as soba highway soba noodles in Minamioguni, popular cafes in the Kurokawa Onsen area, takeaways and souvenirs!

About this reason ticket

|Price|One ticket 1 yen (1,500 meals for this lunch)
| Sales Office | Minami Oguni Town Tourism Association, General Product Center Kiyora Kaasa
|Validity period|Valid for 6 months from the date of purchase

How to use this reason lunch

①First of all, purchase a "Kowake ticket" at Minamioguni Town Tourism Association or Kiyora Kasa

② Select 20 from 3 stores and have lunch at the store♪
Show your ticket at the store and order "Kowake Lunch"!

③Payment is only one sticker on the back of the ticket

Introducing stores and menus

01. Kiyora Kasa [Japanese parfait and coffee set]

02. Fukuichi Ramen Oguni store [Miso ramen with wonton (half size)]

03. Torio [Deep-fried mini lunch]

04. Apple tree [2 ultimate melon breads (choose from 3 types)]

05. Fureai Sankou [Set of mini chilled udon and local chicken rice]

06. Natural food restaurant [Set of Doburoku print enzyme juice]

07. Awe Red [Soba-gaki]

08. Gourmet soba restaurant Oni shoan [Oni grated soba (half size)]

09. Soba restaurant Hanagoan [boiled mushrooms and wild vegetables, radish topped buckwheat noodles]

10. Trepasso [Crochante (half size)]

11. Kusataro-an [freshly grated soba (half size)]

12. Foot of Patisserie [Set of 5 Shinshin]

13. Tofu Kissho [Yudou or Cold Tofu]

14. Hirano store [Tsukudani three kinds pack]

15. Yune [Ikinari dumpling and coffee set]

16. Shirotamakko Sweet Tea House [Matcha and Shirotama set]

17. Warokuya [red beef curry (half size)]

18. Cafe Ciel [Ciel carefully selected freshly ground coffee or Ciel ice cream]

19. Aya Hana Akari [Raw Pasta Red Beef Bolognese (Half Size)]

20. Setomoto Rest House [Aso Oguni Jersey's yogurt and sweets set]

In the future, we will update information about Kowake lunch, so please look forward to everyone!