Kumamoto specialty horse sting! Eat in too! Introducing shops in Oguni Towns where you can buy horse stuff for souvenirs (* Updating from time to time)

Hello. It is Morinaga in SMO South Aomori. Have you ever eaten Kumamoto's horse meat? What?

Probably the only meat that can be eaten raw, collagen plenty, horse stinging which is the attention meat now. In Kumamoto it has long been popular as a cherry tree meat. When I am small, I feel like I was eating horse sting on the day before the athletic meeting. I want to buy such a horse stuff as a souvenir and return home, but where do you sell it? Because I often hear it, I tried to summarize.

By the way, why is a horse sting a famous Kumamoto? There is also an article that examined, so it would be greatly appreciated if you have time to read it. (※ jump to external link)

Iwanaga main store

Iwanaga main store standing along National Route 212.

The interior is a butcher! Making the feeling. The meat case is lined with the slurry.

It is slightly cloudy, but there are various horse stings. Unusual parts such as horse tongue and lever stabbing too!

Not limited to horse sticks, horse streaks for boiling and horse straws for yakiniku are also on sale.

Smoked horse meat etc, processed goods a lot!

Eat-in space looks like this.

You can taste the horse stuff you bought in the store. When eating in the shop you give onion.

Sour ginger and grated garlic. It was very delicious.

Incidentally, personally, the roasting of horses is also delicious!

Iwanaga main store
Address: Miyahara 1782-2 Oguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Business hours: 9 o'clock - 18 hours
Phone: 0967-46-2015

Fuji book 800 poisonous meat Honpo

Here is a shop along National Route 212. There is it on the way from Oguni cho to Shikarai Onsen.

This is what it's like inside the store. It is not like a butcher, it looks like a front desk in the ryokan.

Classic feeling jazz as BGM? Something is flowing.

The meat was beautifully arranged, it was a nice feeling.

I also sell eggs. One piece 35 yen!

And there is a dining room next door!

There is an entrance of the butcher's shop and another entrance, and enter from there.

This is what it's like inside the store. I remember it was about the 5 table.

Menu is also abundant!

Personally, this kicked rice bowl (pickled rice with onions on a horse's backpack) was delicious at 972 yen.

Sakura bowl (Yukke bowl with natto, egg, green onions, and laver mixed with horse sting) is also recommended 972 yen.

Fuji book 800 poisonous meat Honpo
Address: 216 Shimokuni Oguni Town, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Closed holiday: Wednesday (open on holidays)
Opening hours: [Monday · Tues · Thurs · Friday] 11 hours ~ 16 hours [Sat · Sun] 11 hours ~ 17 hours
Phone: 0967-46-2194

Fine Yume Meisho Store

This is a supermarket located in Oguni Town. When you go here, you will definitely meet someone you know. Coco also sells frozen (frozen). I think whether it is good when you want to stock other ingredients together.

Fine Yume Meisho Store
Address: 1851 Mikihara, Oguni Town, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Opening hours: 9 hours to 22 hours
Phone: 0967-48-5335

Personally, it is recommended to slice onions, prepare garlic and yuzu pepper and ginger for condiments and eat it.
We hope you will enjoy tasty horse sting at home by all means!