Take a walk in the hot spring area with yukata to remember the trip. Information on Kurokawa Onsen Rental Yukata, which is cheap and easy to be cute.


When I was feeding the ostrich, I was ready to eat my hands. I am too scared to close my eyes ...

By the way, at this time, the graduation trip season is in the middle of the trip, and the Kurokawa Onsen town is full of many students every day.

It is wonderful to visit the water with friends and couples who are good friends by taking long holidays.

At that time, if you change the atmosphere and always wear a yukataTension risesThere is no doubt that!

Therefore, it is recommended that you be at a building located at 30 seconds on foot from the ryokan association.
here,Yukata rentalI'm doing!

【Information for Yukata rental at Becchinkan】
Rental Yukata can be borrowed on the spot easily because advance reservations are not required!

■ rental details
[Contents] Yukata, obi, snow ball
[Hours] AM 10 to PM 4 minutes 30 minutes
[Charge] XNUM X yen (tax included)

It takes around 3,000 to rent a set at other tourist spots. By comparisonhalfSo very good!
That's right, I immediately arrived!

■ Choose a yukata

When you arrive at the Becchinkan, select your yukata after making payment first.

The size can be selected from S, M, L, LL for men and M, L, LL for women.
You can choose from many colors and patterns, so please find a special yukata that suits you!

After deciding on a yukata, choose a obi.

This is the type of band that you tie yourself. Reversible and rich in color variations.

How to tie the obi is also available in the changing room, so don't worry if you don't know how to tie it!

Here is a make-up type of the plug-in type. You can easily make a gorgeous band.

There are too many combinations of yukata and obi colors, so I wonder which one to use ...!
But that time is also one of the most enjoyable memories.

Don't forget the waist that women need to wear a yukata.
Also, if you want to wear it carefully, you also want to stick with your hair! Such people also have free hair ornaments. Long hair is useful if you have rubber (* ^ ^ *)

And it's free! ! What kind of wallet is ... ...! I was impressed.
It is a nice point that the size can go in the wallet too.

In addition, to rental feePlus X NUM X YenYou can also wear a tabi.
As there is length to a little above ankle, measures against cold are OK, too!

■ Wear a yukata

After choosing your yukata, change clothes at the changing room in the rest area next to the building.

By the way, you can leave your clothes and bags after changing clothes in a locker with a key.
(You can get the key at the reception desk at the Betkan building. Please manage your valuables by yourself.)

Changing area with curtains at the back of the rest area is here. There is also a whole-body mirror, so you can wear it beautifully while looking at the mirror!

By the way, there is also a haori rental for those who feel a little chilly with a yukata alone.
(※ Haori is a limited XNUM X wear, so please come early!)

Finally, wear snowballs common to Kurokawa Onsen and get ready!

■ just enjoy yourself!

I chose a soft green yukata. The green was fresh, so it was fresh!
I love the band in red. The color taste is pretty pretty finished ♡

And one of the things I wanted to wear in a yukata, eat and walk!
At first glance it looks like a yakitori, but it's definitely wet. The texture of the rice cake and the sweet soy sauce are fragrant and delicious! It seemed to be able to eat any number of books.

This is a burger! Enjoy two textures with fluffy skin and sticky rice cake!
I was able to get a taste of Aso Jersey milk that was the last one of the day, and I have a happy face.

Even if you have a hot spring date that you can not usually do, wearing a yukata will make you feel even better!

It seems that you can also take photos that look like Insta!


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It was pleasant pleasantly ~ ~ Sakisan's drive is thank you 🙏 Babayu food thanks 🙏 # Kurokawa Onsen # Okamoto Tofu shop

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■ Conclusion

It is unique to Kurokawa Onsen that you can wear your favorite color yukata instead of each inn's yukata.

You will want to take photos insanely with the yukata and the traditional Kurokawa Onsen cityscape in the background!

Why don't you wear a yukata and go around the city on this occasion?

【Basic information】
Address: Mihousenji Temple Minamioguni-machi, Aso County Kumamoto Prefecture 6595 - 3
Phone number: 0967-48-8130 (Kurokawa Onsen Tourism Association)
Opening hours: 10 hours to 17 hours

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