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[Latest version of 2019! ] Autumn leaves, starry sky, new soba, hot spring. Here is the iron plate for the autumn Aso trip! Introducing spots in Aso where you can enjoy driving and superb views.

Hello from Higotai park. This is Morinaga from SMO Minami Oguni. Have you decided on a fall trip?

Speaking of autumn

The autumn leaves are wonderful.

It is the season when hot springs are comfortable.

It is a time of brief rice.

The direction of Aso is being surrounded by Suzuki.

And, I'm in the season I want to go out.

So, I tried summarizing the autumn recommended spots in the Aso area! I hope returning to the onsen and returning home!

1. Only the best view of this time

The sea of ​​clouds that can only be seen from the big morning and evening temperature difference, can only see the early mornings of spring and autumn, it is a spectacular view that I want to see once. Regarding here, we are putting together so that even beginners can see it, I'd appreciate it if you can read it by all means.

And since the air lives, the beautiful starry sky is the best view I would like to see. As a recommended starlit observation spot, it is around "Hirano stadium observatory (Minamioguni-machi)" "Daimei (Aso city)" "Okito stone hill (Minamioguni-machi)". It is a bit cold at night, so it is recommended to take long sleeves.

If you enjoy starry skies with Aso here!
① Hirano-ku Observatory

② Taikan Feng

③ Okito stone hill

Rice paddies before harvest is also fruitful one side and I personally love it. It can be seen everywhere in the Aso area.

By the way, the spread of Susuki all the way is from 9 mid month to around 10 mid-afternoon.

2. Speaking of autumn is autumn leaves!

That ① Menuo valley

A secret valley which ordinary people can not step on usually is scheduled to be open to the public on a limited term for this period (2017 year) also during this period (10 year) from the middle of month 11 to mid-month of XNUMX. ※ We will report again when the schedule of details is decided.

I hope you will be surrounded by autumn leaves.

Mazeno Valley
Address: Nakahara Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Phone number: 0967-42-1444 (Minamioguni-cho Tourist Association)

That ② Yosui Gorge


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"Yusuikyo Gorge" in late autumn

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Summer is a popular river water gorge as a water spot recommended for families. It is lovely autumn leaves season.

Retired and quiet nature of the forest campground (retarding Gorges) location Kumamoto Prefecture 2015 / 11 shooting * autumn leaves 🍁 timing has bought 😁 here, the weather is you want is a place to go to a good day worry but it seems that with a delay of about 1 weeks than last year 😅 Saturday 10 in the children of the pick-up: not move until 30 sea of ​​clouds also'm out likely weather conditions dangerous likely out this pattern 😅😍😅 12 Date Saturday, go'll ❗️12: last to wear in 00, I will 😅 * # retarding Gorges # rinsed natural forest campground # Kumamoto # small country # #lovers_nippon want to connect with people who are taking # photo you want to connect with photo lovers # Kitamura photos posted #igersjp # my world # autumn colors of the viewfinder over # Kako pic # Past pic

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Personally, I like cleanliness and autumn leaves wrapping it.

Address: Kumamoto Prefecture Aso Gun Shimoku Oguni Town Shimokagi 4839

That ③ Senkishi Ochaya ruins

This is Rokuishi tea house trace in Aso city. The autumn leaves of the Japanese garden also have a feeling.

And it is characterized by the reflection of autumn leaves to the water of the pond and dyeing red as a whole.

Ruins of Okishi Ochaya
Address: Kumamoto Prefecture Aso City Stone 536

That ④ Yamabuki water source

Yamabuki water source in Sanbayama village. Stop the car in the parking lot, walk in the forest like this and proceed to the back.

Surrounded by trees, walking for a while (15 quantiles), there is a water source at the far end, but here is mecca mysterious! (It is quoted from Instagram as there was no photo ※ ...)

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Higo thai is beautiful in Sanbayama village a little earlier than autumn leaves.

#Higotai #Higotai Flower #Isanyama Village

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Sanda on the way to Yamabuki Waterfall is also famous as a spot that the photographer can not afford, so please drop in by all means.

Yamabushi water source
Address: Tajiri village in Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture

That ⑤ truck train
Actually, I have never got myself on a trolley train. . However, according to acquaintance it is "pretty good", "especially autumn is the best", so I will introduce only a little.

Minami Aso Railway Co., Ltd.
Phone number: 0967-62-0058 (South Aso railway Takamori station)
※ Currently operating in the section of Nakamatsu station ~ Takamori station

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