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A must-see for dog lovers! Coffee break of Aso, Minamioguni is decided here. Introducing "One Caffe" where you can taste dog runs and handmade hot dogs.

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

Questions you will have heard or heard once in your life. It says, "Are you a dog or a cat?"

I am a rigorous dog breed. That's because I have a dog, but if I have a cat, I'm sure it's a cat group. Lol

Now! Good news for dogs, cats and non-dogs! January 2020, 1 in the Minamioguni Machida nohara area ... Yes, speaking of January 1! "One Caffe" opens on Wan Wan Day!

It is a cafe with a few dog runs in Kumamoto. I want to go on a trip with my pets because they are family! Please read these dog dogs by all means U ・ 愛 ・ U!

■ The way to the cafe

One Caffe is located almost along the national highway. The landmark is a very popular tourist spotCouple's waterfall!

On the way to Kurokawa Onsen on Route 442, which leads from Minamioguni-cho to Oita, there is a three-way intersection with no signal. Turn left there!

Turn right as you go up the road and you will see a flag. It is already arrived. Bent less than 30 meters ... for an instant! Lol

A cute sign is a sign of the entrance (* ^^ *)

■ Introduction of dog run

One Caffe's dog run is nice!FreeYou can use it! (Limited to those who use the cafe)

We are now sowing grass seeds and waiting for growth! Until the fluffy lawn grows, maybe a little more ~ ​​♪

Any dog, from small dogs to large dogs, can play freely!

But please get along with everyone ~ U ・ ェ ・ U!

My pet dog Moko (slightly thick toy poodle similar to the owner) is joyfully urochoro…

Sniffing around the gauge ...

Have the ball thrown ...

Run freewheeling ...

You seem to be tired of playing. Lol

If you see Moko, please play by all means U ・ ェ ・ U!

And there were places where you could wash your legs after playing. This is thankful!

Currently, we do not sell food for dogs, but we are developing food using tofu and “okara” in the Tanohara area as well! !

I'm looking forward to completing it (^^) /! ! !

Now! Next, dog food is good, but human food is also important. Lol So, on the next page, we will introduce our specialty cafe menu!

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