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[30 minutes from Minamioguni Town! ] A new spot for Maki Onsen in Aso City!Introducing Tagoyama Observatory and Sorafune Pier.

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni. On August 2020, 8, the JR Hohi Main Line will be fully opened, and you will be able to "come by train" to Aso. Route 8 will open in October, Aso Ohashi will open in March 10, and access to Aso will become even more convenient.

On a memorial day for such restoration, a new spot is actually open at Tagoyama Observatory in Uchimaki Onsen, so I would like to introduce it.

By the way, Tagoyama Observatory has become a popular place recently because it was the starting point of the Bratamori “Aso-Aso is the most useful volcano in the world!?” broadcast on June 6. ..

It is also secretly popular as a sea of ​​clouds spot.

Introduction of Tagoyama Observatory and Sorafune Pier

Parking lot at Tagosan Observatory. It seems that about 20 cars can be parked.By the way, the locals call it "Tangoyama".

Toilets are also excellent, and cycle racks are available.

Click here for parking lot cooperation fee (100 yen). When it hits, the card will come out.

There are also goats.

Carrots were also sold for 1 yen per cup.

When you go to the back of the parking lot, you will see an uphill like this.

As you climb more and more, it will open.

There is also a place to take a break on the way. So far, it's about 5 minutes with the car stopped.

As you go further, you will find a road wrapped in trees. Climb here to reach the observatory.

It's hard to understand, but the place in the middle of the photo is the square, where you can enjoy lemon squash and coffee.

The store looks like this. It's a fashionable hut that you can't imagine buying on Amazon.

The drink menu (as of 8/9) looks something like this. It was also planned to provide cotton candy. Lemon squash after walking a little is exceptional.

Chairs and tables are provided so you can relax while gazing at the mountains of Aso. Because the wind is blowing, you can spend a lot of time even in summer.

If you go further from where the hut is located, you will come to the "Sorafune Pier."

I will go up the road like this.

Once you have climbed up, you can see this spectacular view! The view of the Daikanbune is very good, but you can enjoy the spectacular view because it is a little lower. You can see the sea of ​​clouds in the early morning.

There are also chairs, so it is recommended to spend time here slowly.

And the sorafune pier.

It's a little exciting, but the pier is made to stick out of the mountain.

This view from the back of the pier! It is a superb view.

Many people take pictures like this.

The next page is how to get to Tagoyama Observatory and Sorafuno Pier.

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