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A long way to complete Kurokawa Onsen bathing bills...? Vol.2_Sound of Yukyo Yusai

Hello!This is Ann Rika who is visiting hot springs.
This time, I would like to introduce you to the hot springs that I went to in search of healing during my holiday.
"Ann Rika's Holiday 🇮🇹"

The reason I emigrated. "aso Ubuyama Cuffe"

The reason why I moved here was from an encounter with a restaurant deep in the mountains that I got lost in during my travels.I love wine, and my dream is to make homemade wine.The chef and his wife, who are from Kanagawa Prefecture, are the same as me, and they talk about their feelings happily.The view from the window... Isn't this where we, the couple, originally wanted to move?hit it off.
In the spring of XNUMX, I moved to Minamioguni-cho, next to Ubuyama Village, where there is a restaurant.It's not even a cat's hand 😸 It's the most luxurious time for me 😊

[aso Ubuyama Cuffe]
Address: 869 Ubuyama, Ubuyama Village, Aso County, Kumamoto Prefecture 2705-XNUMX

"Gypsy Smile Cafe" run by a couple who have traveled to 30 countries

Today's lunch is Taketa City, about 40 minutes from Ubuyama Village🚗
"Gypsy Smile Cafe" run by a couple who have traveled to 30 countries. Authentic curry that was taught by a stall owner in South India 🍛 Mixing side dishes 😋 Donut-shaped things are not donuts.Wada!Donuts made with beans 🍩 Not sweet, so zero calories 🙆‍♀️ but healthy.A shop that offers body-friendly dishes and sweets that are particular about natural things🥰

[Gypsy's mile cafe&bar] Gypsy smile cafe
Address: 7506-1 Nagayu, Naoiricho, Taketa City, Oita Prefecture
Telephone number: 0974-75-2171

After a gentle lunchtime, I went back to Ubuyama Village. .

Opened on February 2023, XNUMX "Ubu Mart!"

The "Ubu Mart!" coin laundry, which opened on February XNUMX, is also shiny open.

This is what it's like inside the store.On this day, a XNUMX yen discount ticket was distributed as an opening commemoration 🤗

There is also an eat-in space.A facility that is also appreciated by Ubuyama villagers.Of course, it is also a great place to stop by when sightseeing.Ubuyama village convenience store 😊

[Ubu Mart]
Address: 468-2 Yamaga, Ubuyama Village, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Telephone number: 0967-25-2224
◎Ubu Mart business hours
Monday-Friday 9:00-18:00
Saturday 9:00~12:00
Sundays and public holidays

Aiming to completely conquer Kurokawa Onsen bathing bills! The second hot spring is Yukyo no Hibiki Yusai.

To soothe your tired body after working in the fields, enjoy delicious food and hot springs!
Head to Minamioguni-cho with the aim of completely conquering the Kurokawa Onsen hot spring bill. The second hot water is Yusai.

Yutaki-no-Yu and Jusai-no-Yu are the baths that you can use with your bathing pass.

First of all, the indoor bath (Yutaki no Yu) is a hot spring with a source temperature of XNUMX degrees.The hot water will warm your cold body at once.

The open-air bath (Jusai no Yu) is slightly cloudy.There is a roof so you can enjoy bathing even on rainy days.

A mountain stream with a glimpse.

After-bath resting place "Be sure to wear clothes when you go out" The scenery that makes you want to go out naked🏞

If you want to choose a hot spring that has a heat-retaining effect, the best hot spring is a hot spring with a total component of 1.07 mg/kg or more.By the way, Yusai's total composition is XNUMXmg/kg (according to the ingredient list).Na~mu~ 🙏

Address: Kumamoto Prefecture Aso County Minamioguni-machi Kurokawa 6554
Telephone number: 0967-44-0111

Well, this time, the route of Ann Rika's holiday 🇮🇹 is

A: Field of aso Ubuyama Kuffe
b: Gypsy Smile Cafe's Organic Curry Lunch
c: Mr. Ubu Mart, a friend of the villagers
d: Hokkori Onsen Yusai.
It takes about XNUMX minutes from Minamioguni Town to Ubuyama Village to Taketa City for about XNUMX minutes.

That's all for Anne Rika's way of spending her days off😄