The arrival of spring.About the end of field burning and the opening of the Mazeno Valley to the public in spring.

Hello!I'm Anne Rika, a member of the Minamioguni Tourism Association.
So what is my job this time?The story of...
"Ann Rika's Dangerous Job 🔥"

"Mazeno Valley" is open to the public every year during Golden Week and autumn foliage season

Spring in Aso begins with field burning.I participated in the field burning of the Mazeno Valley with members of the Mazeno Makino Association.

This time last year.It didn't snow or rain much, and the water was empty.I can see the rock surface 😳

This year is like this.The clear stream is flowing 😄

Come on.You will be handed a brand new burner and will burn it 🔥

Burning, burning...

I'm going to fire more and more.

Into the fire and smoke.baffling!I can not breathe!My eyes are hurting!I can not see in front of me! !I can't stop crying 😭

finally to a safe place. .I can breathe! !

As soon as I feel relieved... "Rika-san 😳 the burner is still lit🔥" "Oh?

Maze's Valley, where I desperately ran away while setting fire, and burned my feet even though I was burning.⛰
A beautiful green grassland will be revived in a month 🤗

maintain grasslands;Very dangerous but important. .
We would like you to come and see the wonderful fresh green of the Aso grasslands that we have created together. . .
Mazeno Valley is open to the public in spring from April XNUMXth to May XNUMXth🌿

[Mazeno Valley]
Address: Minamioguni Town, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Phone number: 0967-42-1444
Price: 200 yen

*Open to the public in spring from April XNUMXth to May XNUMXth
Parking lot: Yes