Eating out for lunch 💖🍴

I'm Anne Rika, a member of the Minamioguni Tourism Association.
The happiness of living in a tourist spot...Lunch time is so extravagant✨
Because this is a tourist spot 🤗

Tofu dish "Hana Tofu"

Mr. Hanakafu is about 6 kilometers (about 100 minutes) in a straight line from his workplace.A delicious homemade pot-cooked tofu that is slowly and slowly made with XNUMX% domestically produced soybeans and salted bittern at the adjacent tofu workshop.

I ordered the main mapo tofu of the Hana lunch set😋 The mapo tofu made by Mr. Hana Karafu, who used to be a chef at a Chinese restaurant, is very authentic!
If you want to eat mapo tofu, come here!Red beef mapo tofu with a sizzling hot pot 🐂 The luxurious taste spreads.The spiciness is just right, and if you put it on rice, it's already the best mapo rice bowl!! ☺️

Salad plate for the flower lunch set of the day.Seasonal vegetables are carefully plated little by little.All materials are from local producers.The tofu used is "Fukuyutaka" from Kumamoto Prefecture.Needless to say, it's delicious 💗 okara salad is also moist.The Hana lunch set includes a salad plate, rice, miso soup, dessert, and a drink in addition to the main dish.

Dessert is soy milk pudding 🍮 plump!Refreshing and cool pudding ✨ Lunch with 3 people on this day.My drink was coffee, but my lunch companions had refreshing squash with seasonal fruit syrup.I drank plum and lemon and felt refreshed 🤗

Other menu

The main tofu hamburger version of the Hana lunch set.Fluffy and healthy tofu hamburg steak.

Hagizen okara croquette ✨ Potatoes are used as a binder, so it doesn't fall apart even though it's okara!Seasoned shiitake mushrooms and carrots are also mixed in, so it's delicious even if you don't add anything 💓This is also a healthy croquette✨

Accompanying the rice of the service.Sprinkle with tofu and shiitake mushrooms.Homemade of course.

here we go!Try it over rice. .this is!The rice 😆 is delicious!I want this furikake!I bought it immediately because it was sold at the store 🤗

The lunch menu is ① Hana lunch set (lunch set where you can choose the main): Main "Tofu hamburger" or "Akaushi mapo tofu" ② Hagi set: The main set is okara croquette ③ Rindo set: You can simply enjoy tofu Meal XNUMX: Yusuge Meal: XNUMX types of meals with deep-fried tofu as the main dish.
I can't help but choose mapo tofu for Hana lunch, but next time I'd like to try Yusugezen✨

A spacious store.You can also purchase homemade tofu, deep-fried tofu, okara salad, and more.

In the back, miscellaneous goods are also available, so you can enjoy it after your meal.

It seems that Marche will be held during the summer vacation.It looks like a lot of fun!If you have time, please come by 😄

Address: 8-3 Nakahara, Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture 846-3
Telephone number: 0967-42-0186