【Updating from time to time】 A lot of events, including Kurokawa Onsen Thanksgiving Day! I summarized the events to be held in Minamioguni-machi in autumn.

Hello. It is Morinaga in SMO South Aomori. Basically I'm full for the town events. I think that the event will be held at various places throughout the country, but a lot of events will be held in Minami Oguni Town as well.

So this time we have summarized the events of the Minami Ogikita Town in the autumn, so I will introduce it.

10 month 6 day: Kurokawa Onsen Thanksgiving

Kurokawa Onsen said that the Edo era, Higo Hosokawa samurai dropped by the commuter exchange and healed the tiredness of the trip. It is an event that expresses grace of hot springs and gratitude to customers. Various bazaars began around the time of 15, such as children's Fukudori and the performance of Yamanami Taiko etc. are scheduled to be held. Fireworks will be launched soon after 22 time!

Place: Kurokawa Onsen open space square

10 month 7 day: Daimyo matrix

The Daimyo counterpart who imitated the commuter interchange walks around the Kurokawa Onsen area. Come and see the magnificent scenery reminiscent of the era of the time! When children 's shrine mikoshi is 11 time 40 minute, the Daimyo queue is scheduled to start around 12 time.

Venue: Kurokawa Onsen Street - Matsumoto Honmatsu Namiki

10 month 12 day: Oda Eizo Kai (※ planned)

Oda hot spring is held at Oda Onsen. This year is scheduled to be an event limited to 100 name limited advance booking (1000 yen). Hospitality Viking, Turtle Juice, Kaoho, Stage Event etc will be implemented.

Venue: 禪墅

10 Month 14 days: Harley-Davidson test-ride

Here is the event to be held as part of ASO Bike Weeks which is linked. It could be a test ride on the new model of Harley's 2018 year! A motorcycle lover is a must-see event.

Venue: San-ai Rest House

10 month 16 day: Kiyora Festival

Although it is weekdays, the biggest event in Minamioguni-machi is held every year on 10 month 16 day. Stage events are held through 1 days, various bazaars are enriched! There are plenty of events for children.

Venue: Ichihara Elementary School Ground

11 month 4 day: US Fes2018 (planned)

An event that tastes brand new rice in a rice field just harvested. Offering rice that boasts about 10 people riding rice every year sticking to Minami-sikoku town and pickles suitable for rice. All you can eat rice with 1500 yen!

You can talk directly with the producers of rice, taste rice, if you like rice, you can purchase it as it is.

Venue: Wave of Iinohara gymnasium and Hino's neighboring gym next door

11 month 10 day: Aso Fest in San-ae (※ tentative name)

An event will be held to introduce the special products and spots of the entire Aso area, based on the San-ae Rest House. Marche, stage events, cycling events, etc. are scheduled to be implemented (※ We update as details are decided)

Venue: San-ai Rest House · Sangakkoig Hotel

What did you think? Regarding the details of the details, I will add it in the future. I would be pleased if you could come and visit all the events in the small town of Minamioguni.

see you.