| Event announcement | Enjoy the sticky rice and side dishes suitable for rice in the rice field after harvest. Fes2018 is a decision to hold on 11 month 4 day! (※ Application for reservation was terminated)

Hello! I like rice more than three times of rice (mystery)! It is not an exaggeration to say that it was rounded out with rice, it is Kaji-chan!

Since I was a child I grew up eating rice that I could eat in the rice field of my house, so my father always got an octopus in my ears saying "If I get hungry, I will eat rice instead of sweets!" It was said about it.

Thanks to that, I have never been caught up on a health check up to now, even if it is a healthy body. Lol

Not noticeable, it is a supporting character to make side dishes and soups more delicious. Rice that is always next to you. That time this timeRice is the protagonistWhat is it! Rice ,,, No, Mr. Rice, Noyou, Let's eat delicious rice with everyone \ (^^) /

■ What kind of rice is rice in South Korea?

Because it is the mountain area, Minami-Oguni Town with many small farmers. The rice which the farmers have tastefully tastefully and sticking to have made it is really delicious, and even the same varieties have characteristics little by little.

It was 4 years ago that Morinaga, also a curator of SMO Minamikosukoku, thought "I would like to eat such rice! And, if you want to eat together rice made by farmers and pickles that best suits rice you made! Rice started from such thought Fes.

Morinaga who loves rice, and Kaji who grew up with rice is my favorite event I'm most excited about in a year.

This year150 people for advance reservation onlyYou can join us! By all means please make an early reservation.

▼ ▼ Reservation is here ▼ ▼ (reservation application is closed)

About US Fes2018

I would like to eat delicious rice with a full stomach, if you like rice I would like you to purchase directly from the farmers. This year too rice grown rice, dried rice, pesticide-free rice and milky queen etc, the rice-making masters of Minami-sikoku town gather!

It is not easy to hear directly from the producer who rice is!

I feel more tasty than usual to try to cook rice from a big rice cooker ♡

From the mothers, I will tell you what to eat like, how to eat like this, and so on!

Producers also make it easy to see the face that customers willingly willing ♪

Speaking of the strongest side dishes suitable for rice, after all "meat" is indispensable! ! ! We are preparing Amakusa Great King and beef this year too!

♪ that you can eat rice in the rice field after harvest, ♪ memorable experience as well ♪

Popular "Shime linen experience"! We will hold this year \ (^^) /

"Rice FesX NUMX" will be held this time 5 time. I hope people in both the repeater and the beginning will be able to make such an event that everyone will like rice in Minami Oikita Town.

I am waiting for your participation from the bottom of my heart! !

■ Event Details

150 people only! As it is an advance reservation system, please proceed as soon as possible from the link below (* ^^ *)

▼ ▼ Reservation is here ▼ ▼ (reservation application has ended)

Name: Rice Fes 2018
Date: 2018 year 11 month 4 day (Sunday) from 11 hours to 2 hours
Organized by: Wave Irwara Attraction Excavation Council
Sponsor: Aso Regional Development Design Center (※ Aso Region Revitalization Support Project)
Cooperation: Wave Ihara Farming Improvement Association, Wave Irahara Youth Assembly, Minami Ogikita Town Office, Minamioguni Town Tourism Association
Description: Purchase tea bowl and cedar tray at reception at 1,500 yen. Those who bought a tea bowlAll you can eat rice and pickles! Provide beef and Amakusa the Great, and various other events related to rice.

Wave of Iinohara gymnasium and Hino Mr. Hino next to gymnasium
Address: Mitsuji Temple in Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture 8632