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[Minami Oguni Camp] A unique view of Aso and Kuju. Safe even for beginners camping! Hot springs can be used for 24 hours and repeat visitors! Introduction of the popular campsite "Kurasako Onsen Sakura".

Hello! I found a huge acorn, it was a big shame of a face!

Suddenly, please see here first. (There are about 40 minutes !!)

"Hiroshi"Familiar, comedian entertainer Hiroshi sends out the charm of Aso and wonderfulness of nature not only to the whole country but also to the whole world, I would like to help Aso's reconstruction. That's why Hiroshi visits a campsite in Aso by backing up the Netz Toyota Kumamoto and "Solo camp"Hiroshi Camp x ASOPlanning that.

Among them, Mr. Hiroshi is praised as "campsite suitable for both solo camp and family camp all year round" to introduce this timeSakura Onsen. "

As many as 8,000 people visited, most of them are repeaters. Once you go, you will definitely want to go again, such a charming overflowingSakura OnsenI will introduce Iloilo \ (^^) /! !

■ Road to Sakura Onsen Sakura

First of all, I will go through the prefectural highway No. 40 towards Momofuji, and then we will proceed.

There is a bus stop featuring a thatched roof "Mominji entrance", so go straight ahead straight ahead there!

Side of "Kawatani" of "famous Japanese embarrassing hot spring" famous for full bloom -

If you see this parting road, please proceed to the left and enter the prefectural highway No. 317!

As you walk a little bit, you will see a signboard, so please gently turn left there!

As I look forward to the country scenery and go forward on such a road ...

"Sakura OnsenThe signboard of the wooden board with the signature written on it will be visible!

There are several narrow streets in the street, so please come by safe driving with time to spare (* ^^ *)!

■ Introduction of Sakura Onsen Sakura

The whole map is here!

When you arrive, first accept at the office!
As you climb up the slope of the entrance, you will see it on your right hand side!

Mr. Miyagawa of the owner! I will meet you with a gentle smile.

"Oh! I forgot to bring that !!!" Even when I sell a little expendable items, I am relieved.

When someone is working hard on fire, you can read magazines and books when time goes on and on. (Let me help you properly!)

I wonder if I can do such a luxury at a campsite. . The first cup is "Tentatively a raw". It's awesome!

And it is surprisingly glad that "Card settlement is possible"That is! !! It is not in the situation where you can earn money quickly on your journey, and when you want to have cash for the sake of time, it would be greatly appreciated if you can settle your card.

Well, as soon as the procedure is over, go to the campsite! ! !

■ Sakura Onsen Campsite

You can see Aso Rakuyama at this campsite① Aso site (9 blocks), Kuju mountain range can be hoped for② Kusumi site (6 blocks)There are 2 sites!

This is the entrance of Aso site side.

Anyway, excellent opening feeling! ! ! I am happy that I can spend time watching this scenery.

The scenery where I want to take pictures without thinking is everywhere ...! I also scolded myself.

Luxuriously looking at this vast nature while sitting on the bench ♡

When the air is clear, you can see the outer rim clearly! If the timing is good, you can see the sea of ​​clouds here!

This is Kusumi site. Campsite anyhow! ! I feel like I'm dying ~.


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By the way, Mr. Miyakawa's owner's push is "Landscape at dusk"Please taste this best time at the local place by all means!

■ Cottage in Sakura Onsen Cherry Blossoms

I'd like to camp outdoors, but it is a bit of a challenge to buy a variety of tools and various items ... I would like to go with a large group, but if the room is like an inn, the room will be different and I am worried ... Good news for you! !

The cottage of Nakushima Onsen Sakura depends on the size of the roomMinimum 1 to maximum 20I'm staying up to! ! !

This is the biggest room where you can accommodate a maximum of 10 people (maximum 20 people) "old private house style Sakanaka". Because it is possible to stay in large numbers, it seems to be recommended for seminar trips and graduation trips etc!

This is a kitchen. As you can see, it is complete. It's okay if you come by hand!

A convenient refrigerator that can be opened from either side, there are plentiful dishes! !

At the level of misunderstanding "Was that your home here, is it?", Happy home appliances are slurred.

There were 2 washrooms too! It seems to be able to avoid the traffic jam in the morning.

This "Cottage Rindo" can accommodate up to 6 people (maximum 8 people)!

You can sleep in the river letter on the second floor!

Because there is air conditioner, you can spend comfortable temperature all season.

At the entrance of the cottage is a BBQ unit and a fashionable bench ♡ There is no reason for BBQ to do excitement here. By the way, because we are also renting the BBQ set,Really handmade OK! !

By the way, the cottageAll rooms with hot springs with source sprinkling sinksWhat is it! ! ! ! This room is a rock outdoor bath, but other rooms have become another hot spring of another taste, so please check in the local site by all means!

■ Kekka Onsen Sakura boasts a hot spring

The reason for the popularity here is not just the superb view. We talked with cottages all hot springs, but after all "Spa"Is the best! ! ! Here it is complete from open bath to open-air bath!
This is hot water! A big bathtub is dying!

There is also a washing room with a shower ♪

This is the first open-air bath! It is a spring quality containing a lot of "metasilicic acid" that you can expect glad skin texture effects for women, so please feel free to enter it ♡

This is the second open-air bath! Surrounded by greenery, this is exactly the hot spring where the word "opening feeling" is perfect.

Because outdoor bath changes daily for women and men, both baths can take a bath if you stay 2 nights a night ♪
The hot spring here is really comfortable and the repeaters are over! ! ! By the way, all the hot springsBathing as a stop-by hot waterWhat is it! ! !

If you are a guestBathing for 24 hours! ! The people of the stop-by hot water are also9 am - 8 pmAvailable until! !
(※ It is not possible to take a bath only while cleaning but there are four stop-in hot water, so it seems that any one is sure to get in!)

■ Conclusion

Mr. Miyagawa and Mrs. Mr. Miyagawa who are murdered the cherry blossoms of the historical hot springs.

Kuniaki Miyagawa, Ms. Mayumi
My favorite food is Kunikatsu - san is fish and Miki 's meat is meat. It seems that it is fun to work seasonally with vegetables on holidays with two people. It is a very good friend, a feeling that communication is made without having to make it a word is a smileful & ideal couple.

The two of us originally lived in Fukuoka, but when I came here ten years ago I fascinated landscapes and hot springs, I want to start a campsite here! Just brought up. Then it started business in this place in Minamioguni-machi.

Every season is recommended because grasslands and mountains that show the scenery of the four seasons are nearby but Ichoshi is in early March with field burning and the color of fresh green after burning is beautiful in May Other than There seems to be a wonderfully wonderful scenery (* ^^ *)

Also, because there is nothing to block in the campground, the starry sky is pretty beautiful ...! ! ! It seems that there are many customers who bother erasing the street lamps outside and looking at the starry sky. If you can see the starry sky while lying on the hammock, you will not be so happy. .

The number of repeaters has increased year by year, and the cherry blossoms in the woods are in the forest. It seems that there are many consecutive nights stay rather than overnight, completely in captivity state ♡

Even if you say "camping" bitefully, there are various patterns that stretch tents and patterns that you can stay at cottages.
I think that it is the best advantage to choose according to their taste.

It seems that there is still some room on October on weekdays! ! We will have the best season of autumn leaves from now on, we invite you all to visit Aso and colored leaves, hot springs "Sakura OnsenPlease come to \ (^^) /

【Basic information】
Address: Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun Minomitsuji 2849-1
Telephone number: 0967-44-1008
Closed: Required confirmation
Check in 15: 00 ~ 19: 00 / Checkout ~ 10: 00

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