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[Minami Oguni Camp] Repeat rate 7 percent. Open-air bath, pool, fishing pond, river play, bungalow! Introducing Yamatori no Mori Auto Campsite, which can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced players with peace of mind.

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

The sixth Minamioguni Camp! This time we will introduce the repeat rateAmazing 7 percent! Popular with word of mouth, 20 anniversary of its founding next year! Run by a familyYamatori no Mori Auto Campsite.

A campsite that was originally cultivated from the beginning of land that was previously a rice field. There is a space where you can spend time leisurely while coexisting with nature, and you will definitely want to come again once you come!

Hot spring, pool, river play! There are everything from campsites to bungalows, from solos to families. Introducing Arecore of Yamatori no Mori Auto Campsite!

■ The way to Yamatori no Mori Auto Campsite

When you see the Kurokawa Onsen large parking lot along the road that runs from the Kurokawa Onsen to the Oita area on the National Route 442Turn right.

Follow the old national road 442 along the road!

If you drive about 3 minutes, there is a way to the right,Turn right! The bus stop that is a hut and the sign that says Shirakawa Onsenkyo are landmarks!

The road is a gentle downhill, and if you see a campsite sign in the middle of the hill, make an acute curve.Turn left!

It looks like this when viewed from the opposite side. It is difficult to enter at once, so we recommend turning it over several times!

Click here for the signboard! Big and easy to understand!

If you slowly go on such a road,

Arrive at the campsite \ (^^) /

The number of turns from the national highway3 times only! There are also landmarks and signboards at the corners, so you can get there without hesitation ♪

■ Click here for reception

There is a management building on the left hand side a little ahead of the entrance!
There are 2 people who are teruteru shaved! Cute (* ^^ *)

This is the reception desk. Click here for the procedure!

By the way, there was a nice Arekore in the administration building!

Fun items such as wild grasses, wild bird books, novels, children's books, etc.

We also sell charcoal, white gasoline, igniters and cassette gas, which are indispensable for camping!

And because it is a mountain bird forest with many family camps! The amount of this candy! There are some potatoes that adults want to have as a snack, so they want to buy it. Lol

Also, this is a seasoning that you want to buy, even if you bring it! The strongest soy sauce made by a local tofu shopAjigoyomiAnd now it is hard to get on the netKurose spice! ! It's a seasoning that you won't see anywhere, so try it! ! !

In addition, various rental items such as tent mats, BBQ sets, lanterns, bonfires and nets were available. I forgot it! Even when it is said, assortment of relief (* ^^ *)

Now! Once you have completed the reception and have everything you need in the administration building, go to the camp site!

■ Camp site

Click here for a map of Yamatori no Mori Auto Campsite!

There are 2 types of campsites: free sites and auto sites!

This isFree site A!

This isFree site B!

This isFree site C!

Many people may have noticed by looking at the photos so far.

…That's right! This is veryMany trees! ... because I want to relax in a cool place after coming to the mountain.

In the mountain bird forestCoolBecause there are overwhelmingly many people who are looking for, we are responding to customer demand by increasing the number of trees and enhancing the shade. (This tree was brought one by one from the mountain and planted ... amazing!)

This is an auto site near the pool!

This is the most remote site from the administration building!

There is a tree shade everywhere, 360 degree healing space ~. If you take a nap here, you will definitely feel good!

By the way, Autosight is numbered in the compartment like this.

Auto site and free site are covered with trees, and everywhere is really cool. I'm only happy to spend time here ♡

■ Bungalow

There is a bungalow in the 3 building in the Yamatori Forest!
This is "Uguisu-so"! There are large wood decks, table sets, benches, and so on.

The inside is like this! Even the restrooms, washbasins, and kitchens are incredible!

I actually have stayed here too! It's a good memory that I enjoyed the bungalow night more than anyone with my territory like that loft. . Lol

By the way, all the bungalows in the 3 building are the same! Recommended for those who want to enjoy camp casually \ (^^) /

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