BNK48 also came! Photogenic place in Aso area 19 selection.

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minami Oguni. Do you know BNK48? BNK48 is a female idol group based in Bangkok, Thailand, and is part of the AKB48 group. In 2018 year red and white song battle, we played with AKB48, so cute! ! There may be many people who thought.

What is BNK48?
In 2017 year 8 month, debuted with a Thai version of “I wanted to meet” Aitakatta (อยาก 「เธอ). 2,000 sales were good. Since the release of 5,000nd single "Koisuru Fortune Cookie (คุกกี้ เสี่ยงทาย)", the Thai version of "Love Fortune Cookie" Over time, concert tickets sold out for 13,500, the group ’s popularity and popularity have been dramatically increased according to the popularity of the song, and it is said that a social phenomenon has occurred in Thailand.
Sources: Free encyclopedia "Wikipedia (Wikipedia)"

Such 48 name of BNK5 visited Aso to visit various places in order to disseminate the charm of the new Aso area that I have never seen before. This time, we will introduce carefully selected places like "Photogenic" and "Instenic" that you want to upgrade to the instagram they took.

1. OPEN on December 5! Kusousenri Observatory

Kusunisato Observatory which opened on that day when everyone of BNK48 took office as an ambassador. As an observatory in the highest place in Kyushu, it is also a premonition that seems to be a popular spot for Aso. You can see Nakadake and Kusousenri together,

On the other side you can enjoy the scenery of Taikan Peak, Yonezuka and Caldera. Unfortunately it was cloudy on this day but it was a place that you can enjoy a spectacular view in the 3 direction that you can see the Ariake Sea if it is sunny.

Effluent rising from the crater of Aso is also near. It is a place I would like you to drop by when you come to Aso.

For more information, please click here.

Kusousenri Observatory
Address: Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Red Water

2. Aso Shrine

Aso shrine which is also the total headquarters of "Aso shrine" which is about 450 company nationwide. Restoration work of the tower is continued, but it is the biggest shrine in the Aso area where many people visit.

Two ordinary Japanese ceremonial ceremonial applauthitations bow.

Everyone at BNK took self-portraits on their approach.

I chose the omikuji in a fun way.

This smile after purchase.

I bought a large amount of amulets for members, it looks fun.

Aso Shrine
Address: 3083-1 Miyanomiya Town, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Phone: 0967-22-0064

3. Aso Shrine · Monza Nakamachi shopping district

Monza Nakamachi shopping district that continues from Aso shrine. "Water station Aso gate front" opened in the center in 2018 year.

Kumamon is very popular here too. Actually, in department stores in the center of Thailand, they are lined up in line with super popular characters such as minions.

Break next to Mr. Nori Miya. It is shopping district that shines.

Incidentally, there is a place where water called "water basin" springs in everything in Monzen Nakamachi, and "water circulation" that goes around spring water are popular.

Aso Shrine · Monzen Nakamachi shopping district
Address: Miyaji Ichinomiya Town, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture

4. Aso Plaza Hotel

This is Aso Plaza Hotel which is popular with outdoor hot springs like this.

Actually, the spot surrounded by rocks behind the Plaza Hotel was popular as a power spot, and bent a spoon.

Dinner will be buffalo. We had dessert complete.

Aso Plaza Hotel
Address: 1287 Namiki, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Phone: 0967-32-0711

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