[Women's journey] Cute cafe, love fulfillment and photogenic! Introducing the Aspan / Minami-Oguni Teppan Women's Journey Course to send to all selfish girls who want to grant everything (1 night 2 days ver.)

Hello! I ’m Kaji-chan, editor-in-chief of SMO Minamioguni.

This time, Editor-in-Chief Watashi Kaji-chanWomen's travel plan of Aso / Minamioguni thought quite seriouslyIntroducing

I want to eat delicious things, see the beautiful scenery, feel nature with my skin, take pictures that shine, want to be healed anyway, and taste extraordinary ... When I go on a trip, I usually think about these things. .

No, not everything is possible ... You're giving up! Never give up! ! !

Leave it to Dawn and Minamioguni! ! ! All come true! ! ! ! ! !

This time, the plan was made assuming a two-day girl's trip, but of course, it is a course that everyone can enjoy, whether it is a family, a couple, a man, or a single trip. Please refer to it!

Then the first day! Shuppaatsu (^ o ^) / ♡

■ 12: 00 Lunch at a long-established cafe apple tree!

You can't fight if you're hungry! ! ! So first, get ready.
Located in the center of Minamioguni-machi, it is always full on weekends. A long-established cafe "Apple tree"What!

As the name suggests, it is really surrounded by apple trees. Simply amazing! Lol

Terrace seat in front of the entrance! If the weather is good, it is ant to eat here ♡

I recommend a red beef hamburger hereOriginal loco moco! When you come to Aso, you really want to eat red beef ~ ♡ Fried egg, melted cheese, Demi sauce and hamburger ... there's no reason it's not delicious! ! ! ! ! There are plenty of vegetables, so it seems low in calories! (It is personal impression)

By the way, is this the same as the store name? ! There is an apple pie with rumbling and apple! The sweetness is modest and the best! !

The cafe also sells handmade bread.

The best is this “Ultimate Melon Pon”. A very popular product that sells 1 units in one month. Because it is individually wrapped, it is also recommended for souvenirs ♡

▼ Click here for details of apple tree