| Accommodation Report | Kurokawa Onsen "If You Do not Have a Journey" Here! A big open-air bath one of the best onsen town! Recommendation Kurokawa-so on Kurokawa Onsen.

Hello. It is Morinaga in SMO South Aomori. I live in the town of Minamioguni-ko in Aso-gun.

Speaking of Minami Oguni Town,
360 degree Okito stone hill enabling you to enjoy panoramic scenery

Nabottaki of Oguni-machi where you can see the waterfall from behind,

Although a countryscape may come to mind,

After all it is more likely that there are more people who said that "Kurokawa Onsen" has a town with pins?

Because I live in such a sightseeing spot, let's travel in the near future! So that's 20 minutes from home. I went to stay at Kurokawa Onsen. This time, I tried staying at Kurokawa-san, so I will introduce it.

By the way, from 12 moon 22 day, "Bamboo Akari" is also scheduled for the bamboo lantern gently coloring Kurokawa Onsen town.