Deciduous year is decided to be held from XNUM X Month X NUM X Day to X NUM X Month X NUM X Day! Summer Aso "cool" is decided by Kore! It is recommended for the source trekking in the unexplored ・ Maseno valley which can not usually be put!

Hello. It is Molinaga of SMO south small country. Ladies and gentlemen, have you started planning your summer vacation? ? I used to do travel-related work before, but in fact the summer vacation plans (hotel reservations) tend to grow out of the middle of 6 month. When considering a trip, please let us know! So, this time I will introduce you to the source trekking you can enjoy in the summer valley of Aso.

The stage is the secret magic of the Mazeno valley. Only those who applied for this experience can enter the special valley which usually can not enter anyone. Trekking in the superb view full of greenery where unspoiled nature remains at the source of the Chikugo River. Please come and feel "cool" in summer Aso by all means.

Maseno Valley source trekking (half day course) experience

Walking in experience Experience like this. It is about the depth of the knee but it is cool even in the summer, wrapped in trees. Start by installing a life jacket and helmet.

On the way, the place where the flow is a little early, etc. will be supported by the instructor, so even a small child is safe.

With such a feeling, we will proceed the way unspoiled nature created.

We will also take pictures on the way.

In places where the flow is fierce, you can make it possible for children to use ropes,

Still it will support me when it is difficult.

There is another pleasantness to playing in the river, and the instructor was the former firefighter and I thought that even a small child could experience with confidence.

When it comes to the last person, there is also a big waterfall like this.

The instructor adheres the rope to it and it goes up and climbs it.

Ultimately, the waterfall at the far end of the valley is the goal. Even local people can see the rare waterfalls as much as there are people who have never seen it in this experience.

While watching the waterfall, take a break, swim in the waterfalls, and finish the experience.

● Flow of Experience
9: 30 reception / equipment fitting
10: 00 Move to the Mazeno Valley (Travel with your own car at the guide guidance)
10: 30 source trekking start
12: 00 goal / change clothes
12: 30 dissolution
※ If you want to enter hot springs guide guide recommendation stop-by hot water will be introduced!

● Preparation
① Shoes that can be wet with water (water shoes and string tightening shoes) and socks (five finger socks).
※ Exposed things such as sandals and things that are easy to remove (crocs etc) are not good.
② Please put shorts (synthetic swimsuits or chemical fibers) on the trousers with synthetic pants (jerseys etc) or synthetic underpants and outside of them.
Outer jacket made of chemical fiber long-sleeved shirts etc. (Fleece is convenient if there is also one).
※ Because cotton material hardly diverges water and body temperature becomes easy to cool, please avoid.
③ a change of clothes
④ Children of elementary school children should prepare cap with collar.
⑤ Warrior (Original glove sales available / 300 yen)
※ Equipment image
· Wear long pants (underpants of synthetic fiber) and outerwear (synthetic fiber long-sleeved shirt) to wear to the innermost side.
· Wet suit on it (free lending.If there is not enough size, you may be active only with the long pants you brought in) and wear a short brief brought on the outermost side.

● Basic information
Subject: Healthy people above elementary school 1
Period: 2019 year 6 month 29 day (Saturday) to 2019 year 9 month 8 day (Sunday)
Minimum number of people: 2 ~
Reception / gathering place:
Aso Cycle & Climbing Base CLAMP (Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Nakamaki 48)

【Experience Fee】
6,500 yen (tax included) / person
* Includes field environmental conservation fee, guide fee, equipment rental fee (helmet, life jacket, wet suit), insurance fee

【How to apply】
Confirm reservation status by telephone (0967-32-4196)

If you can make a reservation, we will transfer the participation fee in advance
Reservation will be completed when transfer is completed

【Transfer account】
Kumamoto Bank Aso Branch
Normally 2103507
Aso Natureland Co., Ltd.

【About cancellation fee · refund】
cancellation charge
7 days ago: 40% of charge / 5 days ago: 60% of charge / 2 days ago: 100% of charge
* Refund: In case of cancellation due to weather, we will refund the amount of insurance minus administrative fee (500 / 1 people).
※ We will contact the cancellation by 17 o'clock of the previous day.

in conclusion

It's a premium experience just to enter the Mazeno Valley, which you can't normally enter, but you can play in the river and trek there!I was surprised with.Actually, I participated last year, but it was really cool, and the elementary school children who were afraid of water at first climbed up and down by themselves in the second half, and I felt like "It's kind of nice". It made me feel.
Please take a summer trip to Aso direction and take part in the source trekking in the Mazeno Valley.