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[Carefully selected] No loss! Seven Aso sweets recommended by the editor-in-chief who grew up in Aso!

A must-have for traveling!It's ′′ food ′′ that can also be a purpose 😊

This time, even in such a meal"XNUMX Selections of Aso's Exquisite Sweets"Introduce!
From the many sweets in the Aso area, select Kaji-chan, who was born and raised in Aso!It's a perfect lineup ✊✨

Dates, girls' trips, solo trips, family trips, there are only really recommended shops that will never go wrong no matter what situation you go.

"There are a lot of shops, but I wonder which sweets are actually delicious..."If you have such a problem, please read it 🙌

① Excellent palm-sized cream puffs"Aso Sweets Factory Tanoya"
② Japanese sweets loved by men and women of all ages"Goto Manju store"
③ Baumkuchen specialty store where you can enjoy authentic German taste"CAFE TIPPELE"
④ You can enjoy sweets while looking at the superb view"Cafe Prunier"
⑤Very popular cafe in the forest"cafe Karin"
⑥*Currently closed*Exquisite sweets made with traditional French methods"cafe Ciel"
⑦Cream puffs in the Kurokawa hot spring town that are sure to sell out"Patisserie Roku"

①Aso Sweets Factory Tanoya

I think that many people imagine this place when they hear the word "Aso".yes!Aso Shrine⛩️!

It is the head office of approximately 500 Aso shrines nationwide. Although it was severely damaged by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, it is still bustling with many worshipers every day, and restoration work is still underway.

Next to Aso ShrineMonzen-cho Shopping Street!There are many shops where you can take out, so you can enjoy a walk with food in one hand🚶‍♂️✨

Here is a sweets shop with a sweet scent in the Monzencho shopping street🙌!

There are many baked sweets in the store, and sweets in the showcase.There is also a small eat-in space where you can eat soft serve ice cream🍦

These exquisite sweets are perfect for eating around"Tano shoe"!

It is said that the secret to its delicious taste is that it uses water from Aso.

Even though it's small, it's filled with custard cream.

The size is not too big, and the cream is rich, but the aftertaste is light and not persistent!It is also recommended for those who want to enjoy eating while walking 🙆‍♀️

■ Tanoya Aso Confectionery Studio
[Address] 3094 Miyaji, Ichinomiyacho, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
[Telephone number] 0967-22-0255
[Business hours] Weekdays 9:00-19:30 Weekends and holidays 9:00-19:00
[regular holiday] Wednesday

②Goto Manju store

When it comes to sweets, don't forget about Japanese sweets🙋‍♀️Goto Manju Store is particularly popular with locals in the Aso area.

The daily handmade buns, as well as the classic Anko, are also Aso's unique Takana, Kinpira, and strawberry apples!

There is also an eat-in space in the store where you can eat while looking at the Aso mountains.

This exquisite Japanese sweet is"Suddenly XNUMX".Speaking of Kumamoto's specialty, "Ikinari dango", which is a thin mochi dough filled with red bean paste and sweet potato, is famous, but the mochi dough part is used as a manju dough.

Homemade red bean paste and large sweet potatoes are so sweet that you won't get tired of them.The dough is chewy and has a firm texture, so you can enjoy a satisfying feeling with just one.

I'm grateful that the take-out items are put together like this, so they don't get crushed or fall apart...!

Many items are sold out when you go in the evening.If you want to choose the type, it is recommended to go in the morning 👌

In addition to manju, there are a variety of other products such as a limited amount of red bean paste buns, chiffon cakes made with only egg whites, and home-grown vegetables, so please take a look.

■ Goto Manto
[Address] 1523-1 Sakanashi, Ichinomiyacho, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
[Telephone number] 0967-22-3550
[Business Hours] 9: 00-16: 30
[regular holiday] Wednesday


Next is the Baumkuchen specialty store at the entrance of the Minami Aso area.

This is the only shop in Aso that specializes in Baumkuchen.

A cute storefront where you can feel the atmosphere of Germany, which is also the birthplace of Baumkuchen🇩🇪

German miscellaneous goods and cute nutcrackers are everywhere in the store👀!

Of course this exquisite sweetsBaumkuchen.The baumkuchen, made with the authentic Salzwedel method, is moderately sweet and moist, and the faintly fragrant butter has a gentle taste that is addictive.

It is also sold for takeout, and it will last for 10 days, so you can buy it during your trip!🙆‍♀️!

This is Mr. Koyama, the store manager!Ever since I was little, I've liked the Nutcracker, and since then I've been interested in Germany. Originally I was supposed to open a store specializing in German miscellaneous goods, but if I had to go to the trouble of opening a café, I ended up with Baumkuchen. Kind manager 😊

By the way, the nutcracker that this child bought for the first time!So cute 😍!It's somewhere in the store, so try to find it.

Baumkuchen baked one by one in a special oven imported from Germany.It's a mature taste recommended for those who don't usually eat sweets!Please give it a try 😋

[Address] 4635-6 Kawayo, Minamiaso Village, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
[Telephone number] 0967-67-3736
[Business Hours] 10: 00-17: 00
[regular holiday] Wednesday

④Cafe Prunier

If you want to enjoy sweets while looking at the superb view, you can't miss here✊✨

"Cafe Prunier" is run by a good couple who have been in business for 14 years.

There are table seats and terrace seats...

If the weather is fine, pleaseTerrace seatTo ⛰️✨!

This exquisite sweet isToday's cake set (including one drink).This time, it boasts an immovable popularity that it is baked many times a day.Baked cheese cakeOrder.

The moment you put it in your mouth, the strong cheese flavor will hit you right away🧀!If you eat it with the ice cream that comes with it, you can enjoy the mellow taste.Eating sweets while looking at the five peaks of Aso is exceptional! !

For today's cake set, you can choose from two types: "baked cheesecake" and "cake using seasonal ingredients".Choose your favorite cake according to your mood 🍰

There are lots of cute miscellaneous goods such as pouches, wallets, and key chains near the entrance of the shop🤩!Actually, this is all handmade by the couple.It was so cute that I bought a coaster and took it home!

There are many points to enjoy such as sweets with a superb view and handmade miscellaneous goods.If you want to enjoy the scenery unique to Aso, please come by all means🚗

■ Cafe Purnier
[Address] 358-6 Kain, Minamiaso Village, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
[Telephone number] 0967-67-2767
[Business Hours] 11: 00-17: 00
[regular holiday] Monday, Tuesday, holiday

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