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[Minami Oguni Camp] 50 anniversary next year! Sunset, starry sky, sea of ​​clouds ... Introducing the long-established campsite Gondau Charolais where you can enjoy the best nature and superb views.

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

The fifth Minamioguni Camp! First of all, please see here!
Hiroshi Camp x ASO: Amazing view to the clear air near winter! Aso panorama and late autumn bonfire]

Familiar with "I'm Hiroshi"Comedy HiroshiWants to spread the splendor of Aso to the whole world and help with reconstruction! So, with the back-up of Netz Toyota Kumamoto, I visited a campsite in Aso to do a solo camp.Hiroshi Camp x ASOPlanning that.

In that plan, Hiroshi made me realize the goodness of “Aki Camp” that will be coming, and it has been maintained, but if I looked for it, it was gone"very good!"Gondodo Charolais introduced this time is highly acclaimed.

Founded in 1948, founded in 1970, a long time ago, the farm was run, but it suddenly started and turned into one of the few outdoor facilities in Kumamoto Prefecture! A long-established campsite in Xiao XWD, which is celebrating 4 anniversary next year, combining 50WD and motorcycle off-road course facilities with a camp site! ! !

Popular with a wide range of people from solo to family! Introducing the Gondo Do Charolare Arekore, where you can enjoy superb views and nature in a vast site of about 15 ten thousand square meters (larger than Tokyo Dome! About 3 dome)!

■ The way to Gondeau Charolais

On the way to National Park 442 from Kurokawa to Senomoto KogenOkurokawa TunnelGo through and turn left at the first intersection with no traffic lights!

As you follow the road, you will hit a T-shaped road with a sign, so turn right there!

I will go on this road!

There are signboards along the way, so please proceed as shown.

Go through the signboard and go straight ahead again!

If you can see this sign, you will arrive at the campsite!

■ Click here for reception

A signboard that says "Reception" is easy to understand!

I will do the procedure here!

Because there are many overnight guests, pamphlets of Minamioguni-machi and Aso areas with tourist information are also available! And a little seasoning, camping goods, and cute T-shirts limited to Gondodo Charolais are also on sale! (^^) /

By the way, rental items areTent, tarp, sleeping bag, blanket, BBQ set (net, stove, fire shears), lantern! For saleCharcoal, firewood, ignition agentIt will be!

When the reception is over, go to the camp site! In front of ・ ・ ・, Gondau Charolais NG! If you are a bonfire or BBQ, be sure to use this gray guard.

By the way, if you don't use a protective stand, the turf will burn like this and you won't return. . Please cooperate (* ^^ *)!

Let's go to the camp site immediately! !

■ Camp site (park area)

Click here for an overview of the Gondoo Charolais! All sites are accessible! Pets are also accepted!

First of all, on the upper right side of this map, from the back of the administration buildingPark areaIntroduction of

Recommended by owner Gondo! Aso Gotake can be seenB site!

The parcels are partitioned by wood!

There was a shade and it was cool ~ ♪

There were a lot of clouds on the interview day, but I could still see Aso Gotake!

There is also a water supply at each site, very convenient (* ^^ *)!

This isE site!

Spacious and spacious! This site has a very beautiful lawn!

This is the bottom of the park areaH site!

This is surrounded by trees and recommended for those who want to wear a hammock!

Next toI siteHas more trees than the H site!

I'm happy that I can spend time surrounded by greenery ~ ♡

■ Camp site (villa area)

Continue on the other side of the administration buildingVilla areaIntroduction of
This is Gondo's recommendationB site!

Why we recommend it ... here's why! What a wonderful view (T_T)! ! ! ! !

And this is also recommended by Gondo3 site! I felt like I was completely in the forest with a little different atmosphere from other sites.

Overflowing spring water! ! It was cool and comfortable! ! !

There was a calm river right next to the site, and it was a very relieved space, especially with the feeling of clear air.

Last but not least is the free siteFountain site!

It is very spacious and has an excellent location! If you look at the starry sky, this is recommended!

Gonfuji's favorite car Jimny and Aso Gotake are pashari. Just this is fashionable! ! !

This is just a part of the motorcycle off-road course. It ’s too amazing to run this way…

It's hard to understand if it's a photo, but here I'm shooting a hill with an outrageous angle. 4WD's car climbs up this ... It seems like a powerful ... This is too amazing ...

By the way, the event held on the off-road course looks like this!


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Such a powerful feeling ...!


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It's like this on a motorcycle ...! Anyway, it ’s amazing! ! ! !


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Depending on the event, some galleries can be viewed free of charge, so please have a look at the campsite reception and enjoy the viewing! ! (Please check the event schedule from time to time on the official website of each organization and the Gondoux Charolais * There is a possibility of sudden changes)

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