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[Latest in 2023] Fresh vegetables, exquisite soft serve ice cream, and local souvenirs!Introducing "General Product Center Kiyora Kaasa" in Aso / Minamioguni Town!

Hello! This is the SMOMO editorial department.

This time, I would like to introduce the comprehensive product center "Comprehensive Product Center Kiyora Kaasa", which is also a roadside station in Minamioguni Town!

🔎 What is “Kiyora”? What is "kaasa"?What do you mean?
"KiyoraIsBeautiful and beautifulWords born from ".Minamioguni Town is called "Kiyora no Sato".
And "Casa""Casa" which means "house" in LatinI'm coming from.

It is this "Kiyora Casa" that handles vegetables, processed products, and souvenirs born in the "Kiyora" town!
When I felt like I understood the meaning of Kiyora Kaasa, I immediately went straight to the site! ! !

What can you buy at Kiyora Kaasa?I searched around the store 👀

A product building with a pyramid-shaped roof along National Route 212 near the Minamioguni Town Hall"Kiyora Casa".

Speaking of driving is a product hall! !And speaking of the product hallFresh vegetables 🍅🍆Is not it?

Every day at Kiyora Kaasa, local farmers come to ship directly, so you can get vegetables picked in the morning 🙌✨

You might be able to meet seasonal vegetables that are not often on the market, and rare vegetables that you can hardly buy... 👀!

In addition, Small country Jersey milkWe also have a large selection of souvenirs made with local ingredients.

We also sell Kiyora Kaasa's private brand products that are only available here!

We also have a full lineup of box sweets for souvenirs. Please purchase the "unmistakable" Kumamoto souvenirs here✊!

In the frozen corner, Kumamoto's specialtyHorsemeat!You can take it home in a frozen state, so you can enjoy the feeling of Kumamoto at home.

Don't underestimate it as a product center of Aso!We also have seafood!Kiyora KaasaWe are collaborating with Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Station) in the prefecture, and we handle delicious foods from all over the prefecture according to the season!Please take a look 👀

↓ Click here for more information on this initiative ↓

Accounting isVarious cashless correspondence such as PayPayYes👛 (Rakuten pay is now available, although it is not shown in the photo!)

You can buy it at Kiyora Casa!Handmade lunch box supervised by a registered dietitian!

handmade every dayDaily lunch (500 yen / side dish only 450 yen)is on sale 🍱!
Under the supervision of a registered dietitian, this lunch box is well-balanced and nutritionally balanced. It is reasonably priced and is so popular that there are days when it sells out immediately. Check it out!

In addition to bento boxes, there are side dishes prepared by local mothers and...

Sweets are also sold.Sweets are nice for girls with different stomachs 🍰✨

It's a good place to see the producer's face 😊!

The takeout menu that you can buy at Kaasa is also fulfilling!

There is a takeout corner in front of the cash register!There are various types to suit your taste, but we will introduce the recommended menu among them.

This is the only companion for driving!soft cream 🍦is!The soft-serve ice cream made with plenty of jersey milk from the town has an exquisite sweetness and richness!

In addition, this coffee can also be taken out.Aromatic coffee produced by a local roaster will refresh you after your travels.

Enjoy outdoors!Attention to children's play equipment 👀!

For those who are not satisfied with just shopping, we recommend the slide in the lawn space outside 🛝 It is sure to raise your child's excitement!

Please use it together with your family! *May not be available depending on the weather

In addition, there are chairs on the wooden deck outside, so you can take a break with the takeout menu in hand!

in conclusion

Kiyora Kaasa is a beautiful store filled with local specialties and delicious food.
It is recommended for men and women of all ages to stop by during a drive or on the way back from a trip to enjoy shopping or take a break.

When you come to Minamioguni, please drop in at "Kiyora Kaasa", which has excellent access along the national highway🚗✨

◉ Minamioguni Town General Product Center Kiyora Kaasa
[Address] 1789-1 Akababa, Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture
[Business hours] 9:6 am to 10:5 pm (Cafe: XNUMX:XNUMX am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm)
[regular holiday] Every Wednesday
[Telephone number] 0967-42-1213

The Accounting is supported by various cashless such as paypay.