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[Saved version] Enjoy local gourmet food, seasonal vegetables, and even a superb view!Summary of Kumamoto Aso Area Roadside Stations and Product Centers

"Michi-no-Eki", which has gained popularity as a tourist facility with various tastes, can be enjoyed whenever you go, such as local gourmet and seasonal vegetables 🚗✨

Above all, we will introduce the roadside station and product hall in the Aso area with good access from Minamioguni Town!

These are the must-see spots for visiting Aso, which is the peak tourist season from summer to autumn!
Please take a look 🙌!

[Roadside Station ①] Right in front of Aso Station!You can also meet Usopp"Roadside Station Aso"(Aso City)
[Roadside Station XNUMX] Enchanted by the five peaks of Aso.There is also a dog run"Roadside Station Asobunosato Kugino"(Minami Aso Village)
[Roadside Station XNUMX] You can eat unique soft serve ice cream"Roadside Station Namino"(Namino Village)
[Roadside Station XNUMX] Remnants of the former Japanese National Railways Miyahara Line can also be seen"Roadside Station Oguni Yu Station"(Oguni Town)
[Product Hall ①] Located along the national highway, you can get fresh vegetables"General Bussankan Kiyora Casa"(Minamioguni Town)
[Product Hall XNUMX] You can also interact with animals"Ubuyama Ranch"(Ubuyama Village)

[Roadside Station ①] Roadside Station Aso

"Roadside Station Aso" along National Route 57 is a roadside station popularity vote by members of the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF)"Highly Recommended Roadside Station Grand Prix"and it is no exaggeration to say that it is the most famous in the prefecture✊

In front of the adjacent JR Hohi Line Aso Station, that famousone piece usopp statueis installed, and it is the centerpiece of sightseeing!

Kumamoto's symbol "Kumamon" is also enshrined, and many tourists can be seen from inside and outside the prefecture, as well as at home and abroad🐻✨

At the entrance, there is a direct sales section that handles local agricultural products.You can buy seasonal vegetables, flowers, and more 🍅

The store is packed with souvenirs from the Aso area and Kumamoto prefecture.

Aso gourmet standard, freshly made Takana rice and other side dishes are also available 🤤

At the takeout corner outside the store, you can taste local gourmet foods such as soft serve ice cream.No matter when you go, there is a long line... 👀!

This is a hot dog made with sausages from Hibari Kobo in Aso.

|Basic information|
[Address] 1440-1 Kurokawa, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
[Telephone number] 0967-35-5088
[business hours] From 9:6 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. (there is seasonal change)
[Regular holiday] Open all year round
【Official HP】https://www.aso-denku.jp/

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